Arms falling asleep in bed 3rd nights now

I searched and found some info related to my topic, I have read arms falling asleep in bed is contributed by what Pheonix wrote here:
“If you have symptoms of arms falling asleep or tingling then it’s generally an indication of reduced circulation or nerve function and is usually caused by a comfort layer that is either too firm or too thin (thickness and firmness in a comfort layer work together). You can read more about this in this article along with post #4 here and post #6 here. I should also mention that post #1 here also has links to some of the most important basic information on the site and the forum.”

Our bed is new weve slept in it 9 nights now, pain ranging from arms falling asleep, painful, burning neck/shoulders, and sore mid-back.
Our set-up is 6"-32 or 36 core, and a 3" 19 topper.
Could this be a pillow issue, be the comfort layer being too firm, or thin, adjustment period, or combo of all three? I am totally miserable, and have resorted to heating pads, pain meds, hot showers, and massage.

Is this to be expected with a new latex bed? If I am doing something wrong or have layers-pillows wrong that would be great because this can be fixed, that is a huge positive.

Any advice is welcomed, and recommendations are also welcomed.
Thank you in advance!

are you sleeping on your back ? that mattress configuration is on the firm side IMO - it is similar to pure latex bliss nature that i tried and i thought it was way too firm.

i think the problem with latex mattresses is that latex is so expensive there is a huge temptation to make the mattress thinner than it really needs to be. if you noticed most mattresses made out of cheap materials are 12 - 14 inches while latex ones are usually 9 - 10 inches - no wonder they tend to be too firm.

there’s nothing about latex though that makes it inherently firm - it’s just that people are unwilling to pony up for a 12 inch latex mattress most of the time.

that said i’m not sure what causes dead arms. the idea that mattress firmness causes it doesn’t sound very confincing to me. back pain from a too-firm mattress definitely sounds right however.

Hi MJ73,

I think that the links in my reply in post #11 of your other thread here would be the same ones I would include in this post as well.

As you’ve mentioned … arms falling asleep generally indicates a comfort layer that needs to be softer or thicker. The next most common reason is probably a pillow issue (likely needing a thicker or firmer pillow) which could also affect pressure on the shoulders. I would also check some of the other possibilities mentioned in the other reply (such as your mattress protector, any mattress pad you are using, or even sometimes sheets). Of course the initial break in or adjustment period is also a possibility but this would generally lead to gradual improvement over time … particularly if you walked on the mattress to speed it up.

Like every other material … the layers can be softer or firmer or thicker or thinner and designed and layered in different ways so this is not generally an issue of the materials as much as it is your comfort choice or the suitability of the design for your needs and preferences. It may indicate the need for a topper as well and post #2 here can also provide some guidelines with this as well. I would first talk with as well for any suggestions and to confirm the ILD of your base layer.

If it is 36 ILD … then a 3" 24 ILD latex layer under the 3" of 19 ILD would give you a very similar overall design to the Beautiful with the only real difference being the wool quilting and the cover.