I am seriously looking at an organic latex bed from Sleep EZ. I ran the configurator on your web site, but I have some additional considerations.

I am 5’ 11", 230 lbs, BMI 32 and a few years from retirement. I am a side sleeper but I toss and turn from side to side, sometimes ending up on my back. I wake up every morning with some shoulder pain and upper back stiffness. My reasons for looking at a new mattress are to get rid of the pain and to have flexibility with the layers in the future.

The additional considerations are osteoarthritis and apnea. Do those play into the type and firmness of foam I should get?

I’ve had both hips replaced and I’ve had rotator cuff surgery in each shoulder. Despite that, one shoulder has another rotator cuff tear and the joint needs replacement. I have a CPAP for the apnea.

I have a king sized Brooklyn Bedding latex foam mattress that is 7 years old. I can’t find the paperwork on it so I don’t know its layers and firmness. I think it was their primary/original offering at the time. IIRC, it was about $800+ .

It was fine at first, but over the years the shoulder pain started. Last year I bought a 3" natural latex topper. That helped immensely, but it’s not going far enough. The mattress itself has impressions that have made the bed uncomfortable. I have rotated the mattress horizontally, but it hasn’t helped. I am now sleeping in the middle of the bed where it’s still somewhat comfortable.

Over the last few years my weight has yo-yo’ed between 210 and 250. I am at 230 now and on my way down.

The Sleep EZ configurator gives me options for talay/dunlop/dunlop. At 210 it is M/M/F. At 250 it is M/F/EF. I found the dividing line for the different recommendations is 240 lbs which I normally stay under.

I decided to go with M/M/F in talay/dunlop/dunlop and get the natural wood foundation. I’ll buy a metal frame to set it all on.

Would my arthritis or apnea have any effect on that choice?

I found information on my current bed in a post from 2015. It’s the Brooklyn Bedding #BestMattressEver. I probably bought a medium firmness.

Hello Clogsdon

Thank you kindly for reaching out to us! I am happy to hear that you decided to go with the Organic 10" mattress! Based on the information you have kindly provided, I believe that you made the correct choice! At 230lbs, the Medium Talalay should provide you with adequate contour and pressure relief on top for side and/or back sleeping. The medium over firm Dunlop layers will provide you with gradual support below. Should you decide that you need more support, you can rearrange the layers within to achieve a firmer feel on the surface of your mattress. For example, you can swap your medium and firm Dunlop layers, bringing up your firm Dunlop layer directly underneath your top medium Talalay layer. The idea is that the closer the firmer layers are to your body, the more direct support you will achieve on the surface of your mattress.
We can provide recommendations based primarily on weight and preferred sleeping positions. We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot provide recommendations based on chronic issues such as arthritis or apnea. We recommend that you speak with your doctor for further advice or suggestions as it pertains to these medical issues.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have additional questions. Feel free to call our office as well. You can reach us 7 days a week at 480-966-8731.
Thanks again, and enjoy your new mattress!