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On December 6, 2015 I went to Christeli’‘s to purchase their Astoria mattresses and there it was for over $1,500.00. I immediately sent an email and the reply I received was to wait a few days and go back. My concern was , had I not known the price would Christeli had made the adjustment if I made the purchase? . I had contacted the company concerned that an exchange might be worse since I had done a lot of homework before contacting them and the Astoria was a really good fit, I was also sure of my current mattress and that turned out to be a horror’, so I find refunds necessary for me.
I only mentioned the questionnaire because now the mattresses best for me were more costly. It had nothing to do with which mattress I would purchase, but why Christe;i seemed to slant the test to higher priced mattresses… As for calling and speaking to a representative, I learned my lesson when I purchased my last mattress. I had tried 3 times to return the mattress yet according to the company there was no record of a return request. They did agree I made complaints about the mattress during the trial period but never requested a return, Why would I keep a mattress I am complaining about when I can return it? Had I done everything including my discussions with the salesperson in writing, I would not be looking for a new mattress today.
As for going back and forth on their return policy, according to Christeli the return ratio is so small that the impact should be minimal. That is based on the figure they gave.

Hi cinn,

I switched this post into your previous topic as well so that your comments make more sense and have some context and can be related to your earlier posts. It would probably be better to keep your questions and comments about Christeli in the same topic.

I would guess that this was probably a mistake that was made when they made some website changes which is why they told you to wait and it would make sense that if someone purchased the mattress at the wrong price they would have adjusted this as well.

I would keep in mind that the only way to know for certain whether any mattress will be a “really good fit” will be based on your own personal experience.

The exchange/return policy can certainly be an important part of the “value” of an online purchase and there are many people (including yourself) where this would be a primary factor in deciding which company they would choose to deal with. If a return policy (or anything else about a mattress purchase for that matter) doesn’t meet your criteria or preferences then there would be other companies and mattresses available that would and this is just one of the many parts of each person’s personal value equation that would lead to choosing one mattress rather than another one. Each person’s criteria can be different.

These are just very rough guidelines are designed to provide a few options that would be suitable based on the answers to your questions and based on the “averages” of thousands of people that have purchased their mattresses over the years. If the answers you provided to your questions were different then you would get different suggestions (including their lower priced options). I have played with their questionnaire and it includes suggestions for their lowest price mattresses as well as their higher priced mattresses that depend on the answers you provide. Their lowest priced mattresses would be more likely to be included in the recommendations if your questionnaire included answers such as being a back or stomach sleeper, being in lighter weight ranges, preferring firm mattresses, never sleeping near the edge of your mattress, never waking up hot or sweaty, never having trouble falling asleep at night, and always feeling very rested during the day.

The questionnaire provides several final options and it would still be in your own best interests to discuss the pros and cons of each of them on a phone call because not everyone fits “inside the averages” of other people.

Discussing comfort choices or which mattress may be the best choice for you on a phone call is a very different issue from discussing things such as exchange/return policies or returning your mattress and if you need written confirmation of something that you discuss then you can always ask them to confirm it with an email.

I can also understand your hesitancy and caution given your previous experiences but you are dealing with a different company so I would be careful with assuming that your experience with every company will be the same as your previous experience and some of your assumptions or your hesitancy to talk with them may be working against your own best interests.