Assembling Adjustable bed? Can I do it myself??

Phoenix (and others who got this adjustable base), I plan to buy the “Reverie Deluxe™ Adjustable Bed With Wireless Control and Massage” king base (2 Twin XL) and I believe you bought the same from
I am wondering how hard/easy the assembly would be to join twin XLs since I will be purchasing King mattress and not 2 twin mattresses (wife would kill the split :wink: ) They are asking for $149 to bring it to the room and assemble. I think they are asking little too much

Can you recommend base legs for this base so that I can increase the height

Thank You!!

Hi goitsme48,

Mine was a queen size so if anything it would probably be more difficult than a twin XL to handle (heavier) but the instructions were very straightforward and I had no problem with it. Two of us flipped it over because it’s quite heavy and I wouldn’t have wanted to do that part by myself.

The instructions are also very clear about operating both beds with one remote. I would do it myself rather than pay $149 (although I would make sure you have help to carry it into the house).

You can get leg extensions that can raise the height up to 29" off the floor.


Thanks Phoenix. After re-reading the complete description, it seems like it comes with" Leg height adjustable at 2.5, 4, or 6.5 inches". In that case, do I still need the legs?. It says 2 programmable presets… If I adjust legs at max (6.5 inches), what is the total height of this base from ground (carpet)?

Reverie Deluxe™ Adjustable Base features:

Wall hugger technology-stays close to wall
Base can fit inside existing bed frame and operate with full adjustability
Programmed zero gravity position
Head and foot massage
Whisper quiet DC lift system
Compatible with all bed frames and headboards
Dual Motors with 12,000 Newtons of lifting power
Structural steel tubing throughout base
Ergonomic wireless control
Available with private therapeutic massage system with 3 styles of wave massage modes
Two Massage Motors
Flat Button to lower both head and foot with one touch
Automatic Zero Gravity and TV position preset for body relaxation
20 year warranty
Solid steel frame with caster wheels
Leg height adjustable at 2.5, 4, or 6.5 inches
Splits for Queen, Cali King, and King models can be programmed to move independently or together
The remote on this base has 2 programmable presets

Thanks for bringing this up. I also ordered a queen base and was curious how difficult it would be to assemble. I’m pretty good with tools and directions so I feel a bit more at ease. Let us know how it goes!

Hi goitsme48,

I can’t remember if ours came with different options for legs but ours has the castors (2.5") and the 4" legs (total height 6.5") and the top of the bed is 15" off the floor with this. If you wanted it higher than this you would need the extensions.

We have the old remote with just the 3 buttons (zero gravity, TV, and flat) but the new remote also has two programmable positions as well.