Assistance (information) needed from forum members!

Hello fellow forum members,

I have been on my own quest for an all-latex mattress, and have been trying to duplicate a mattress that I tested at a local retailer. The local price was outside my budget, so I attempted to purchase the components myself. My current problem is that what I received is not what I ordered. Most of the details of my quest are in this thread. The link goes directly to the specific post that outlines my current problem.

What I am asking of other forum members, is can any of you provide the actual weight of any of your 100% natural dunlop layers? I don’t want anyone to take apart their mattresses or anything crazy, but I am hoping some of you are in the process of putting your mattress together and can take the time to weigh the layers before you do. If anyone is willing to do this, you can probably use one of the two methods that I did to obtain the weight. First, I just bundled the latex up so that I could hold it in my arms, then weighed myself on the bathroom scale. I then weighed myself without holding the latex and did the subtraction to get the weight of the latex. Afterwards, just to confirm the weight, I tied a strap around the bundled latex and weighed it with my fishing scale. The scale has a hook that I was able to attach to the strap around the latex.

If any of you are able to do this, please post the weight of the latex, the size of the layer (including thickness), and the stated density of the latex. This will allow me to do the calculations and hopefully determine if manufacturers are determining density with or without the pinholes.

Thanks in advance for any help that any of you can provide!

Hi there.

I just ordered an OMI Duo all Dunlop customized: one side is Firm, Medium, Medium the other side Firm, Soft, Soft. This particular mattress is just an unzippable cover with the layers set inside of it and re-zippld. No pillow or quilting top at all. We paid 3500 for the mattress and 200 for shipping. It is a wonderful mattress.

When we get it, within another 3 weeks or so, I could do what you ask, and would love to help you out. Don’t know if it will come in time to be useful though.

If the OMI is within your price range, I would seriously consider giving it a look.

Good luck!

Hi Checkmate,

Thanks for the offer of help, it’s appreciated. I’ll post here if I resolve my issues before you get a chance to weigh the pieces.