At my wit's end trying to find the right mattress. Can you help me just pick 1?


So, I’ve been looking for a new Queen mattress for ~3.5 weeks now and am at my wit’s end on what to pick. I need to just commit to something already and was hoping that you could help me select something. So, a little bit about me. Male. 6’1", 175 pounds. Almost exclusively a side sleeper but occasionally a front-side sleeper as well. I never sleep on my back. Have owned mostly innercoil mattresses prior to this and have been generally happy with them. To be honest, never paid too much attention to my sleep. Have never had aches or pain after a night of sleep though. Tend to like soft to medium beds though I think medium-soft is really my sweet spot.

Have been seriously considering a mattress with some degree of latex for my next mattress. I like that they’re a bit springier than memory foam and can be a bit cooler (summers get 100+ °F here for 2 months straight). I’ve never liked the sinking in feeling and immobility that memory foam provides. I feel like a turtle stuck on its back.

I’ve tried a number of different mattresses and have been leaning towards the hybrids. Have visited a bunch of different places and it’s just hard to find latex ones to try. I tried two latex hybrids – one was a bit firm for my liking but the other felt nice. Both places unfortunately had very little information on them (didn’t know how thick the topper was, what the ILD was or even what the firmness range was) so I’m taking those with a grain of salt. I was able to try a medium Beautyrest Black Hybrid (Clermont HYB and Alcove HYB) and did like those quite a bit although I realize those are memory foam hybrids.

With all that said, the ones that I’m seriously considering currently are:

• Flexus Quadra-flex
• Eco-terra

The Flexus Quadra-flex has been my top pick for a bit. A bit hesitant since there’s a $99 return fee and a $60 shipping fee if I end up wanting to change only the topper. The Eco-terra is promising but am wondering if the latex topper might be too firm for my liking. I’ve heard good things about’s hybrid but I have no desire to wait 3 weeks for my mattress. I realize that the KISS and the OSO are not hybrids but I’ve been seriously considering them as well for 2 reasons: (1) they both have free returns and (2) I like the ability to swap between a firm or a soft setting easily (compared to other options).

With all that said…would you have any advice? I’m tempted to go with the KISS or the OSO simply because they have free returns but not sure if I’d be more happy with a hybrid since that’s typically what I’ve liked in stores more. Although I was able to try one full latex mattress and liked that one quite a bit. Really bummed that I’m not able to try any of the mattresses I’m specifically interested in in a showroom or store; I do realize that’d be the best way to determine what’s best for me.

What do you recommend? Really would like to pull the trigger on a mattress in the next few days. If you’d recommend something else for me I’m totally open to other options as well. Budget is $1000 and would prefer free shipping and returns although it’s not mandatory.

Thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate it.

Hello BattlePope

Thank you for your inquiry!

The four mattresses you have listed come down to two different kinds of overall feel. The Flexus Quadra-Flex and the Eco Terra offer latex over coils, while the Kiss and OSO mattress offers comfort layers of foam bases. The coil base option provides a springy feel under your contour layer(s), while a base core offers less spring, and a bit more support. Both types of bases (spring or foam core) changes the way your contour layers work for your body. This is where personal preference comes into the picture. If you prefer a more supportive base under your contour layer, I would recommend the Kiss mattress or the OSO mattress. However, if you like the more contouring/spring feel of a pocketed coil base, then I would recommend the Eco Terra or the Flexus Quadra-Flex mattress.
The OSO mattress looks as though it offers some comfort options with the foam cells. This takes a little bit of the risk out of purchasing this model online due to the adjustability options that come with it.
The Kiss mattress offers a 4" flippable comfort layer on top of a solid HD core. The comfort layer consists of a 2" latex 24ILD layer, seamed to a 2" Float memory foam plush layer. This 4" layer offers the best of both worlds when it comes to the comfort and two very different-distinct feels that latex and memory foam has to offer.

Please let us know if you have further questions. Good luck!