Atlanta Metro Area Round-Up

I’ve been researching mattresses for a few weeks now and this website has been an invaluable resource. I’ve finally settled on what I’m going to buy (Brooklyn Bedding’s Aloe Alexis), and hopefully I’ll have some feedback on that within a few weeks. Until then, I wanted to contribute to the forum, by providing some insight into the Atlanta area stores.

Phoenix provided a good list of many of the options available here in Atlanta:

Atlanta / Georgia Mattress Options

Ultimately, I decided to buy online, but I visited quite a few stores to get a sense of everything that was available, and also to gain a better understanding of the industry in general. Here are my observations about all the places I visited.

The Good

Tucker Mattress Company
. Out of all the stores I visited, this was the one that I thought provided the best value. It’s located in Tucker, GA on the Lawrenceville Highway. It’s in an older building that’s easy to miss driving by, but don’t let that fool you. TMC had a double-sided latex mattress that the owner quoted at $1500 for the Queen. The owner was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He also said it typically takes about 3 weeks for them to ship the mattress out to you. If you’re looking to make an in-person purchase in Atlanta or you want to support small business owners while also getting a great mattress, I’d recommend this place.

The Fair

Atlanta Mattress. Most mattress retailers are overpriced. Atlanta Mattress is no exception, but of the overpriced retailers, this one certainly had the highest quality stuff, and the owner was very knowledgeable and friendly. No high-pressure sales tactics when I was there, either. I visited the Buckhead store. They had a lot of interesting higher-end options, including Pure Latex Bliss (the reason I went there). If you’re looking to splurge and price isn’t much of an issue for you, this is a reasonable option. If you’re looking for value, however, Tucker Mattress Company or a quality online retailer would be much better.

Natural Sleep. I was pleasantly surprised by this place. It’s in the high-rent area of Buckhead, near the corner of Piedmont and Peachtree. Owner was knowledgeable and friendly. They carry a wide variety of Pure Latex Bliss mattresses (the best selection of PLB I found), as well as another higher-end brand of latex mattress. They had a few other options, as well. While their products were of reasonable-quality and the owner was nice, similar to Atlanta Mattress, they don’t provide particularly good value. If price isn’t an issue for you, it’s a reasonable option.

IKEA. No shortage of posts on IKEA here, but I’ll throw in my two cents. Went to IKEA to test out a variety of mattresses. I could not find their highest-quality latex mattress (the Morgongava), but did test out the Myrbecka latex mattress. It was fairly comfortable, but as pointed out in a few posts here, there are higher-quality options out there for the price. Moreover, IKEA has few options on firmness, meaning you’re less likely to find a mattress that suits your own particular needs. Still, it was a fun place to test out mattresses, and from a value perspective, better than the vast majority of mattress retailers.

The Not-So-Good

Mattress USA. Went to the Mattress USA up in Kennesaw. They carry a few of the higher-quality brands, including Pure Latex Bliss. However, the sales staff was extremely pushy, trying to get me to commit immediately and using common scare tactics. The salesman assigned to me told me I could buy the PLB for $500 off, but only if I committed to buying it that day. He asked for a $100 deposit to “lock-in” the deal. They came across as very slimy. .

Furniture stores / Mall retailers
. Havertys, Ashley Furniture, Sears, JC Penney, and Macy’s don’t provide very good value, but I generally found that the salespeople weren’t that pushy. If you just want to try out a bunch of mattresses, these aren’t the worst places to go. Though, certainly wouldn’t recommend buying at any of those chains.

Costco. Costco initially seemed promising to me. Had a friend recommend it and their website had a variety of options that at least seemed interesting on the face of it. After reading more on Costco staples (such as the Novaform mattresses) and visiting a store myself, however, I was extremely disappointed. Not only do the Costco mattresses appear to be made of less than high-quality materials, but their physical stores carry very few of the models that are on the online site. Plus, most of their mattresses are merely set up against a wall like giant books, and you can not test them out for yourself. Overall, in spite of having a reputation as a low-cost retailer, I found Costco to be a huge bust.

Mattress Firm. Decided to take a visit to Mattress Firm, knowing full well I had no desire to buy anything there. Call it curiosity, but I had to experience it myself. First off, let me point out that there are 5 Mattress Firm locations within a 3-mile radius of my place in Buckhead. In fact, there are more Mattress Firms than grocery stores. Think about that for a moment; that suggests that this place generates some massive margins on every sales. My salesman was a very friendly guy, but knew very little about mattresses. He came at me with a variety of cheap sales tactics: (1) claiming that there was a sale for only a few days, (2) telling me I’d get the best deal if I locked in immediately, (3) making a big deal about how buying from them is practically like donating to charity (it’s not!). If you’re on this site, you weren’t considering Mattress Firm anyway, in all likelihood. I wouldn’t even recommend it to test out mattresses, because you’ll get harassed from the moment you walk in.

Would’ve loved to have visited more places, but unfortunately, it seems like there are not many good physical (as opposed to online) options here in Atlanta. Tucker Mattress Company was the only very good option within a 30-mile radius that I am aware of. If there are others out there, would love to hear about them.

Hi Diderot,

Thanks for taking the time to share some great Atlanta feedback about the stores there you had the chance to visit … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve added Natural Sleep to the Atlanta list with a few comments and I’ve also added a link to your feedback in the Atlanta list.

Most importantly though … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: (I know you haven’t made the purchase yet but it seems you’ve made your final choice)

You clearly did some good research and ended up making a great choice.

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you order and receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it.


[quote=“Phoenix” post=38397]Hi Diderot,

Thanks for taking the time to share some great Atlanta feedback about the stores there you had the chance to visit … I appreciate it :)[/quote]

Thanks, Phoenix. I appreciate all the help you’ve provided, as well as the entire community here. Would’ve never become aware of all my options without this site.

One reason I’ve put off buying a new mattress for so long is because I realized that most of the major mattress retailers were rip-offs, but I wasn’t aware of any alternatives. Never thought I could find a very high quality mattress for under $2,000.

Thanks for supplying the Atlanta list. I’m also in Atlanta and looking for a latex bed. We are selling our Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe at a significant loss as it sleeps extremely hot. We’ve also discovered that we (wife and I) require different firmness so we intend to go split firmness in our replacement King. Do you recall seeing split options at any of these places? Also, what brand (you mentioned online brand was final choice) did you end up purchasing?


Hi jdvk,

I’m not Diderot of course but they did mention what they purchased in the first part of their post …

Off the top of my head … some of the local options that have (or at least may have) side to side split mattresses include … (their natural latex mattress) (OMI makes some mattresses that have side to side splits but I don’t know if they carry them)

Redirecting... Savvy Rest latex mattresses are all available with side to side splits) (Some of the Suite Sleep mattresses have side to side splits but again I don’t know if they carry them)

There may be others as well that I’m not aware of.

The first part of post #2 here also has more information about accommodating two people that have different needs and preferences. Some mattresses have a design that can work well for two different people and may also make a good choice but of course you would need to test these to make sure that they are suitable for both of you.


Thanks for the response Phoenix!!! This site is great. I’ve spent many hours researching here and it’s been a great use of time. Thanks again.

I wanted to thank you both for the time and input. I checked out Natural Sleep and the OMI (Organicpedic) bed does offer the split sides (required for my wife and I). They use Dunlop and we were looking at Talalay. It’s a nice bed but it ended up being way out of our price range (>5k). In addition, we found that we preferred the feel of the standard “flat” top on another bed vs. the convoluted top on the OMI.

We ended up ordering a SleepEZ 10000 (we were also looking at Flobeds). We are side/stomach alternating sleepers (more stomach) and chose SleepEZ as it was less expensive, had the flat vs. convoluted top layer and the one unique Flobed offering, V-Zone, didn’t fit our needs. We also feel comfortable with our firmness choices. I believe that long term service policies may be better at Flobeds, but we were willing to take the risk of higher cost for a single layer in the future as we captured the savings today due to price difference.

Our bed arrives in the next few days - can’t wait!

Hi jdvk,

It sounds like you did some good research and ended up making a great choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress … I think you did well :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.