Austin Natural Mattresses

First off I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on the site (especially Phoenix) for the wealth of knowledge I’ve taken in over the past few weeks. I’ve gone from ready to finance a $4000 Tempurpedic, to looking at online and local retailers for a natural Latex mattress for thousands less.

However, now I need a little advice. I think I’ve narrowed this down to SleepEZ, which reputation speaks for itself on this site, or a local retailer.

As far as local, I’d specifically like to ask if anyone has any experience with Austin Natural Mattresses. There prices seem to be fair, and they offer a price match (plus 10%) guarantee. I really like the look of their website and I’m particularly interested in the Pure Latex Bliss. They are just a little bit more expensive than SleepEZ, but I do like the idea of supporting local businesses (to an extent). And I like the idea of going right in and seeing the products in person. Anyone gone through them?

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I also wanted to know if SleepEZ offers any kind of financing?

Hi BlackoUT,

Pure Latex Bliss is a high quality mattress that uses talaly latex throughout the mattress. They have two different “all talalay latex” model lineups and one uses blended Talalay latex (that they confusingly call "natural) and the other is more expensive and uses 100% natural Talalay latex (which they call “all natural”).

Their value of course depends on the actual prices that a retailer charges (their advertised prices are controlled by PLB) but in general they are better value than most competing mainstream brands but not in the same “value range” as many local manufacturers.

Austin Natural Mattress carries some good quality mattresses but I don’t have any experience with them directly. Most of them may be in a more premium budget range compared to other similar mattresses that the members of this site have access to or even compared to other local choices.

Some of the better choices I’m aware of in the Austin area are listed in post #2 here and in particular I would suggest paying a visit to . Bob the owner is very knowledgeable about latex and has a wide variety of blended, natural, and organic latex mattresses available that have good value and I would certainly include them in your research in the Austin area.