Avacado Green, My Green Mattress Natural Escape, Sleep Ez

My current mattress is very old (nearly 20 years old) and recently got a dip/dent in it due to age that is really bothering me. I’m short 5’2" and 120lb. I am looking at latex hybrid mattresses because I prefer a firm mattress and like the increased durability they offer compared to 100% foam or latex options. I’m a side and back sleeper. Never sleep on my stomach.

A sleep Ez and Az Premium mattresses are something I can try in person but the My Green Natural Escape and Avocado aren’t offered in showrooms anywhere near me. Avocado has very good consumer reports reviews. The other 3 I have a more difficult time finding reviews for but generally seem positive and all provide material details like coil gauge etc. The Avocado I have heard people complain about it forming dips/dents in only a year or 2. I don’t know if that is such a potential issue for me since I don’t weigh much and am short. That is the main thing that makes me hesitate about the Avocado.

I like how the Natural Escape has stitching between the tufted buttons because that would improve durability. The Avocado only has tuffed buttons, no stitching between them. My green mattress has a mattress where you can replace the layers. That is something I think could be useful if it gets old and forms a dent. So that’s an additional plus.

I was also considering a Sealy Response from Costco. The return policy is great in the event that it were to fail and generate a dip/dent quickly due to poor construction. I saw the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Latex mattress get recommended along with the Natural Escape to someone with an identical build to mine. The Nest Bedding model is nearly double the price as the Escape 3600 vs 1600 and I’m struggling to see what it offers that could be worth double.

Does anyone have any recommendations for deciding between these options?

Hi bluesea.

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Sorry to hear your old bed has reached the end of its lifespan, but how exciting that you are ready to buy a new mattress!

Sleep EZ, Arizona Premium, My Green Mattress, and Nest Bedding are experts in manufacturing quality, durable mattresses and helping match consumers to the bed that will fit them best in terms of needs and preference. In that regard, it’s really a decision between great, great, and great. A great :wink: problem to have. Being able to test in person is a huge benefit, though. I’d very much recommend visiting the Sleep EZ and Arizona Premium show rooms.

As far as the Avocado concerns you’re mentioning, it sounds like a foam quality/durability issue. If that is the case, even at a low BMI the foam would potentially break down sooner than you’d like.

Is there anything you want specific feedback on with regards to the mattresses you’re looking at?


I found that the only mattresses I can try in person are Az Premium and Sleep Ez. Nest removed all their mattresses from the showroom that their website lists in Az. The showroom said they aren’t going to have Nest mattresses again in the future. So I can’t try those.

I was hoping to get some advice of which one to try first given that I can only see Sleep Ez and Az Premium in person. I am not sure if it matters but Sleep Ez and Nest don’t have zoned coils in the middle. I’m a side and back sleeper. That could be one deciding factor.

Hi bluesea.

The reason for zoning is because of the difference in weight, thickness/thinness, and surface area of three main areas of the body that are the most difficult to accommodate. If you have a large disparity between the shoulders and hips, for example, this could be an instance where zoning could be useful.

Dealing with the shoulder, hip, and lumbar areas in all the different sleeping positions and differences in body profiles and the difficulties associated with balancing them in terms of pressure relief and alignment is the reason that zoning is sometimes used in more difficult or extreme body weights or profiles. It is appropriate and can be very helpful when a progressive or differential method of construction cannot accommodate the circumstances.

As for which to try first, I suppose that’s a matter of preference and convenience! If it were me, I’d either try the one that I’m most interested in first or, if I wasn’t sure, I would just start with the one closest to me. :slight_smile: