Awara Mattress quality? Comparable feel to Naturepedic EOS plush?

Hi everyone and thank you so much for this fantastic resource! I’m interested in a latex hybrid queen that is as green as possible for under $1500 if possible. I am a 140 lb side sleeper with 23 BMI and bony hips. I liked the feel of Naturepedic plush a lot but it is outside my price range. Awara sounds great on paper (4 inches Dunlop over pocket coils) but haven’t seen anything about their reputation. My green mattress natural escape also sounds good as does Luma natural hybrid. But I’m worried about whether they will relieve my pressure points as well as the EOS and give me that lux but bouncy comfy feeling. I’m also worried about glue and petro foam in the Luma. What would you recommend? Thank you!!!

Hello, Djdjdj.

Our Natural Escape hybrid mattress does provide contouring comfort due to the organic Dunlop latex that we use (3"), but it does sound like you prefer a plusher top feel. We’d recommend trying the Natural Escape mattress in and of itself and then ordering our topper to be placed on top, should you decide you need the added plushness. We welcome you to try the topper right away if you prefer. The combination provides for a nice pillow top feel without sacrificing support or causing you to sleep hot. Give us a call and we can answer any additional questions that you have and be sure you get the best price available.

Thanks very much! I appreciate it. Your company sounds wonderful. I am just trying to figure out what is my best bet, knowing that it’s hard to predict.

Welcome any other thoughts out there on what is likely to have similar feel to Naturepedic EOS classic plush. (And/or whether I should go a little bit firmer to account for breaking in and softening that will occur. Also wonder about Flexus quad hybrid and Luma. Thanks again!!

The organic Dunlop latex that we use in our mattresses and toppers has a very long shelf-life, so you won’t see much softening at all over time. It is extremely resilient.

I also like the Naturepedic EOS plush but it’s out of my price range. Did you have any luck finding a mattress with a similar feel and quality for less?

Hey quest4rest,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground! Apologies please for having missed your question earlier, there has been quite a bit of activity lately :wink: . I see you are planning a new mattress purchase and are doing research on latex hybrids.

I tried a Naturepedic EOS mattress, which has 3" of Dunlop in an ILD of 19-22 over a coil system and found it very comfortable. Unfortunately, this mattress is out of my price range at $3500 in a king…The Charles P. Rogers mattresses seem similar in construction to the Naturepedic EOS. Both manufacturers use a quilt pack with cotton and wool over a latex comfort layer and support coils. I’m wondering whether the Charles P. Rogers “Estate 9000” or “Lifetime 3” mattress would be closest in feel to the Naturepedic and other mattresses I’ve found comfortable…For reference, my husband and I are under 140 pounds and primarily side sleepers but occasionally flip onto our backs. We’ve been sleeping on a Beautyrest Ultra Plush Pillow Top for the past 14 years, which was part of the “World Class Exceptionale” line.

After viewing several of your other posts too, see that you have also mentioned researching TMU trusted member Nest Bedding/ Hybrid Latex, Brooklyn Bedding/ Bloom Hybrid, Brentwood Homes/ Cedar Luxe, and Winkbeds/ The EcoCloud. How is your research coming along and do you have any updates that you’d like to share? Once I know more about what your current preferences are, I’ll move your topic to its own thread so that your research could help other consumers who are on a similar journey :slight_smile: .


Hi Sensei,

I was so glad to hear from you. I’m fortunate enough to live in the vicinity of Nest Bedding and visited their showroom. I preferred the stillness of their all latex bed to their coil and latex hybrid model. I’m leaning toward either one of the Nest mattresses or a Charles P. Rogers bed. Charles P. Rogers just introduced a bed-in-a-box version with latex and coils that has a very friendly return policy and received excellent ratings on Consumer Reports. To help me with my decision making, I was hoping you or one of your trusted members might be able to answer some of the additional questions I have (see below).

(1) How does the durability of an all latex bed compare with a hybrid coil and latex design?
(2) Can a coil system that’s flexible enough to be compressed into a box be as supportive and durable as a coil system that wasn’t designed to do this?
(3) Charles P. Rogers and some other companies offer lifetime warranties on their spring systems. I like the idea of having a spring system that will last a lifetime, so that in the future, I will only need to replace the comfort layers/cassette inserts. But is this realistic?

As for my own research, I saw an online review that the Awara is comparable in firmness to the Avocado, which isn’t soft or conforming enough for me. Brooklyn Bedding looks promising, but their latex is mixed with other natural ingredients such as shells. This might be great, but I’d prefer a material that has been tested and around longer. For whomever might be interested in the Eco Cloud, one of their reps told me they use a latex ILD of 14 that’s textured for a tufted feel and a 14.5 gauge coils in the center and 15 gauge coils at the head and foot.

Look forward to any insights you or your members have and am happy to provide whatever help I can to others!

Hello…I was wondering if you ever found a mattress that you love?? Thank you.