AZ area dealers

Hello, I live in the greater Phoenix area, an am trying to decide which of the three dealers to visit:

Arizona Premium Mattress
Sleep Ez
Latex Matrix Factory

In terms of product, is there much differentiation between these three? I’m happy to do my research in terms of customer service and warranty, but was mostly curious if the more or less sell the same DIY style beds (maybe customizable is a better word).

Hi nmacgre.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

With the three mattress retailers you listed, you’re really in a competition between great, great, and great. All three of these companies are excellent, with high standards in terms of durability and consumer transparency.

I would recommend visiting all three, to be honest, and let them know what it is you’re looking for. Arizona Premium has both DIY and “ready to go beds” and I would say has the broadest DIY functionality. Sleep EZ has a great customization option on two of their mattresses, all of which are ready-to-buy, no DIY required. Latex Mattress Factory has one “ready to buy” bed and then DIY options.

I hope this helps! I look forward to updates!