AZ residents got suckered by Sleep Number. Need help with better option

Hi! Thanks in advance for reading this book. We believed the hype. We threw down the $$ for the Climate 360 and on my 3rd night (last night) I finally got up at 2am (frustrated, hot, in pain and nearly in tears) and went down to my semi-crappy Nectar guest mattress on it’s old Serta adjustable base. Back story details:

We’re 46 & 47. I’m heavy at 5’4 and 210 and my husband is small at barely 5’4 and 145. We were in a standard king, a Tuft & Needle Mint with the 2" extra topper for the last 6-7 years. I have bulging discs in my neck and knee problems with pretty sensitive pressure points on my low back and hips. I’m a mostly side to some back sleeper. My husband has shoulder issues (and had surgery Monday) and is a stomach sleeper. We have actually loved our T&N, believe it or not. But, as I’ve gotten older (and heavier) it isn’t giving as much pressure relief as I think I need now. Even with that, we still liked it.

This time last year I picked up a horrific infection that no one could figure out (for MONTHS) that put me in the hospital for a week and had be at 12-14 hours of sleep over the course of almost 2 weeks. Yes you read that right. I was asphyxiating every time I dropped my head or laid down. We ran out and grabbed an adjustable bed frame for the guest room and that was basically what saved my life and allowed me to heal. Since then, it’s become apparent that we needed to get a split king adjustable for the master bedroom, even after recovering, to help me sleep. My husband can suck paint off the walls snoring so I’m hoping some elevation will help him too.

We’ve had a pair of Bed Jets (love them) for almost as long as the T&N. They’re great but bulky and I was hoping for something quieter. the SN seemed to fit the bill with all of it’s “features”. This god awful SN is going back. You can bet I’m going to fight them on even the return fee on something that runs at FIFTY TWO decibels to “cool” that you can’t even feel on high. But I digress.

All that is my why, I’m hoping someone can help with the what. I’d like to use a local company (I’m in Phoenix and don’t care where in the valley). It would need to work well on an adjustable base, be a split king, be really cool. I’m worried about edge strength and support because of my size and pressure points because of all my other issues. Extra points for places that do that bases as well in one delivery. I don’t mind putting things together. I would need delivery for the sake of a base. I’m super nervous about anything after the SN burn. My husband wants to go back to T&N but I’m hoping there’s a better option for support/pressure points.

Thanks again for reading, I do appreciate it.

Hi DeniseM.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear that your new mattress is just causing problems!

I’d say for the short term, this is probably a good choice if you’ve still got it laying around.

I’d like to introduce you to @Arizona_Premium and the owner, Ken Hightower, who is not only a true expert in the field, but also very conveniently located in Phoenix :smiley:

I think you’d find a chat with him very beneficial!


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I can’t help much since I’m really new here but I sympathize. I too went for SN and they just picked it up last week. I’m on a quest to find a DIY mattress that works for and my wife. Good Luck!!

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Thanks! As soon as this pile of hot air is out of the way, I’ll be putting the t&n back until we decide on what’s next. I had a latex hybrid back in 2008 that I liked a lot so I am leaning towards latex now, again. I was planning to check out AZ Premium & the other folks on Scottsdale Rd in Tempe on Wednesday.

I’m also on the hunt for a good adjustable base to go with it. Wall hugger, lights and anything else worth having. Massage sounds interesting but there’s such mixed reviews. Any suggestions on that front are appreciated, too.

Ugh. It’s such a PITA isn’t it. Thank god we got the 360 so the base and everything can go back. Otherwise we’d really be stuck. How long did it take you to get yours out? They actually screwed up delivery & brought two left mattresses instead of right and a left. My husband’s side is rigged up just to function. They’re supposed to be coming back out on the 16th to bring the replacement and I’m going to fight to get it out that day instead. We’ll see.

I can say my old hybrid latex I had almost 20 years ago was fabulous. It came from a big box store & was a name brand so it cost a freaking fortune. Never knew about these local places but if I had, I probably would have skipped over SN this time. Only reason I don’t have that original is because it was sacrificed to the starter husband lol. I hope you and your wife find something fabulous :slight_smile:

Hi Denise, sorry you believed the hype and arent happy with the SN. I would suggest looking at the Purple Rejuvenate line, specifically the Rejuvenate Premier.

Recently Purple bought out Intellibed so the Rejuvenate mattresses are really Intellibeds rebranded. They are built for relieving pressure points and are very breathable, The premier has a medium feel and works well on an adjustable base. You can probably find the Rejuvenate mats at a Mattress Firm although not all locations are carrying them so i would call around first.

In regards to heat retention realize that everything you put on your mattress will affect how hot it is so make sure you are using natural fabrics, ie. all cotton, bamboo, or a modal fabric for sheets and a breathable mattress protector. If still hot look into a mattress cover with Adaptive fabric, which was made by NASA for space suits. Its now used in some bedding and it helps move heat away from your body as you sleep.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your suggestion - I did research them again this time, specifically the premier, but found more complaints than I was comfortable with (there’s always some, but there was… a lot). That coupled with the fact that I was a part of my mom’s purple purchase - and return - process a few years ago and let’s just say that wasn’t a pleasant experience. As much as SN is :fire::wastebasket: we didn’t actually have trouble getting it out of the house. I can’t say the same for my mom.

I think I’m on the latex bandwagon now. I’ve tried a few and now it’s just a matter of getting my husband out to try where we’ve narrowed it down to. I like a soft feel but still need some support and from what I can tell it’s the only way I’m going to get that. Most of Purple’s, from what I can tell, are medium or medium firm which I assume would kill my pressure points…

We do use Egyptian cotton and bamboo so I’ve done what I can there. But I’ll definitely look into different mattress protectors this time. We’ve always followed the manufacturer’s instructions that supplement the warranty since we have pets. Maybe there’s a better option there. Is there a brand suggestion for the adaptive material?

Thanks for the idea!

Hi Denise,

I think you need to take a step back a bit here. Taking a moment to reconsider, the concept of the Sleep Number (SN) mattress seemed promising, aiming to provide a comfortable climate and sleeping surface for two individuals with differing sleep preferences. Exploring alternatives like Isense, Airpedic, or Nautica Home Wisteria, which offer dual-zone mattresses with tri-zone segmented comfort areas tailored to specific body regions, might have been more beneficial. While I’m not particularly fond of air/number mattresses, there are undoubtedly superior options available compared to the heavily marketed Sleep Number. I do understand the marketing appeal, but there are better choices out there.

Couples need not delve into split king mattress style to be able to accommodate dissimilar preference requirements. I know that there was the mention of “grid” mattress line. In the same spirit of moving away from the very marketed number beds, my advice would be the same for the very over priced grid mattress. Particularly, the one suggested which you will find in the $9k to $13k range in a split king design mattress. In that price range, one could find over a hundred other mattresses you would find more comfortable, higher quality and with considerably more longevity. No offense to anyone, but there are better ways to go.

While it’s wise to try out a mattress before making a purchase, understanding the seller’s policies regarding what I have dubbed the 4R’s( refund, restocking, return, and reputation/reviews) is paramount. Merely testing a mattress in a showroom for 20-30 minutes may not accurately predict long-term satisfaction. At most, this brief trial can help rule out mattresses that are too soft for your preferences.

Keep in mind that mattresses tend to soften over time, which is a common occurrence. If a mattress is too soft initially, replacing it may be the only solution for lasting comfort. Conversely, if a mattress is too firm, it might soften to your liking over time. Alternatively, you can explore options such as adding a topper to reduce firmness or swapping out the comfort layer on newer models that offer a changeable comfort layer options to achieve the desired level of comfort.

Most Trusted Members of TMU provide various split king mattress options, with the majority offering split internal king choices as well. Pricing varies from modest to luxury, depending on the blend of natural and synthetic materials used. Unlike many heavily advertised mattresses, TMU members prioritize transparency, openly disclosing product details, materials, layers, and construction of their mattresses.

There are manufacturers such as @Arizona_Premium; @Sleep_EZ, @Latex_Mattress_Fact1, offer hybrids in the DIY modality, or pre constructed, but with the distinct advantage of having professional mattress folks collaborating with you to get it right, even if it means doing it long distance, these folks get it right over 90% of the time without any pre trial showroom testing.

Then you have companies such as @DLX and @EngineeredSleep who offer a plethora of split internal and split king options, in most every quality material available.

If you were to consider an all latex mattress, which some would confirm they offer plenty of support and comfort for couples of dissimilar size and preferences then @CST and @FloBeds offer some great individually designed options.

Not one of these mentioned will cause you to cough up a 5 figure payout.

If you did want to lie on the ultimate in luxury all natural fibers and foam materials, @TheCleanBedroom @ShovlinMattress will help you with luxury materials such as cashmere, horsehair, and other luxurious materials and still keep you in the sub 5 figure range, unlike the “marking company” gimmicky material brands.

Everyone of these brands mentioned will work with most all adjustable bases, which we can delve into as you get closer to making a decision on your new mattress.

I know I did not offer a specific mattress to solve you dilemma, but the truth is, there are just too many to name from the folks mentioned that will work wonders for you both.

Hope it helps,


Hi Denise,

I’m so sorry that you have had such troubles with your mattress and with your sleep, but I’m glad that you found that an adjustable bed is helpful.

A few thoughts:

  1. Bedding can contribute to sleeping hot as much or more than a mattress. Most synthetics do not breathe as well as natural materials such as cotton, linen, or wool. I know people sometimes think wool is warm, and it can be, but we have a wool comforter on our bed year round.
  2. Consider a thicker mattress, but with firm support on the bottom and softer on top for pressure relief. As you know, many latex mattresses are customizable - most of ours are. A thicker mattress will naturally feel more plush as you are farther away from the foundation. Either too firm or too soft can cause pain. Have someone look when you are lying on your side. Your spine should be neutral.
  3. Body pillows help with pressure point relief, too.

Best of luck to you in your search - give us a call if you have questions or we can help.

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Thanks. As I mentioned in the original post, we did need to jump to a split king as I have medical issues that require me to be upright at times and my husband is a stomach sleeper. That’s basically what pushed us into a new bed in the first place.

I did want to shop local, and we ended up doing that. We ordered at APM on Friday, a talalay mattress plus extra topper. We also lucked out & found the Rio 6 Ergomotion adjustable on sale at (of all places) home depot. We get a military discount, 0% interest, 365 day returns (yes I confirmed & documented) PLUS free white glove delivery. Saying no to that would be like kicking a gift horse in the mouth.

We feel really good about the decision and are excited for everything to get here. Of course that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that now my dobermans are finally going to get their custom mattress at the foot of the bed from the old nectar that’s now being rotated out :rofl::rofl: The two and a handful times less of a bill sure doesn’t hurt either.

I appreciate it. Last year I almost died from complications of sleep deprivation. It’s something people don’t understand until you physically can’t do it. It’s why the priority change now.

I’m shopping around for mattress pads now, for the new set. I do know I want nothing to do with pvc or vinyl but I do need some sort of protection because of the dogs, one of which is a senior. I don’t know how possible it really is to protect from accidents without those materials so I’m open to suggestions.