Basic Natural Mattress

So, I wanted a basic natural mattress for my son and was considering purchasing from MyGreen Mattress in Illinois. But I generally like to shop local so I tried Ken Michaels (Milwaukee Mattress) as that was one of the local stores suggested here for the Milwaukee area. I stopped in and the woman told the woman my son has asthma so I did not want anything made with the poly foam. She said their mattresses are made with 100% cotton because “that’s how they have always been made”. I purchased the 16-900 series mattress for $845 plus shipping and it was delivered today. I just looked at the label and it says:

resinated textile clipping pad
50/50 cotton blend/polyster felt
polyuranthane foam;
polyester something

Did I basically just pay a premium for a mattress I could have bought at a retail store for much cheaper?

Hi frustrated,

[quote]resinated textile clipping pad
50/50 cotton blend/plyster felt
plyuranthene foam;
polyester something

Did I basically just pay a premium for a mattress I could have bought at a retail store for much cheaper?[/quote]

Unfortunately the information on the law tag doesn’t provide enough information about the design of the mattress or the materials inside it for me to make any meaningful comments about the mattress. If you can find out the information listed in this article and post it on the forum I’d be happy to make some comments about the quality of the materials inside it.

Based on the information you provided it’s clear though that the mattress does contain at least “some” polyfoam (the law tag usually lists the percentage by weight as well but this wouldn’t tell you the thickness of any polyfoam layers) but it doesn’t say anything about the quality/density of the polyfoam layers.


I called back the salesperson and she said she didn’t know about there was a polyfoam layer that the cover was quilted to. She let me do a free exchange for the upgrade to the Gold-Twilight wool version which she says has no poly.

Had a hard time getting the exact specs on the layers but this is what I learned about the mattresses:

knotted? off-set coil
368 coil system
13 gauge steel 6 tons 53/4
hourglass coil tied wire to wire, variably spread
insulated pad keeps stuffing from going through
100% cotton arch support

Hi frustrated,

This also doesn’t provide much in the way of specifics about the materials inside the Gold-Twilight wool version so I would check the law tag to make sure that there are no other materials inside the mattress except for cotton, wool, the innerspring, and the insulator layers (resinated textile clipping pad) and if these are the only materials in the mattress then there would be no obvious weak links in the mattress (and it’s also two sided which would be more durable than an equivalent one sided mattress) and if it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP and it compares well to your other finalists based on the criteria that are most important to you then it would be well worth considering.