Bassinet Mattress Options

Hello again undergrounders.

I have a baby on the way, and I would like to use my old wicker bassinet for him.

I am struggling to find quality bassinet pads/mattress’ online, can anyone help suggest something for me?

The bassinet is oval shape and the dimensions at the longest points are 34x18 (17 is doable)

It must be firm, I don’t want anything soft.

Any ideas?

Naturepedic used to make good bassinet mattresses. I don’t know if they still do, but a google search may turn up some online still in stock in various places.

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Hi jimlaheytpb.

My Green Mattress makes crib, but not bassinet, mattresses. They’re awesome.

This mattress is getting good reviews on Amazon and comes in a number of sizes.

I came across this as well - “custom organic linen flax mattress pad for cradle, crib, bassinet” and includes oval options. They cater specifically to oval “Moses baskets” as well.

I hope this helps.