BB Aloe Alexis Delivered!

Let me first say that I am amazed and impressed with the vacuum packaging involved with shipping these mattresses. For those that have not experienced a delivery: the 1st box is about 14"x14"x72" with the 2nd box 14"x14"x48"… Yes that’s a 14" tall KING mattress and 2 king pillows!!

Initial impressions made during decompression:

  1. Love the quilted cover. After an hour or so of letting the base layer regain its shape, I laid on it for about an hour and didn’t want to get up. Stayed cool and is very soft

  2. Quality of craftsmanship is clearly evident. While testing the integrity of the base layer :wink: I checked over the stitching and quilting of the cover and found no signs of missed seams or stitch issues. Zipper seems very sturdy and of an acceptable quality.

  3. Heavy. I would strongly advise unpacking very near to its final resting place, and definitely recommend not adding the comfort layers until the base is on the foundation. 200lbs of unwieldy latex standing on end to fit through a doorway is not an exercise I have any interest in attempting.

That’s all I have for now. After a few nights I’ll be back to give some more feedback.

Hi Getmorsleep,

Thanks for the update.

I hope you enjoy your sleep tonight :slight_smile:


Keep posting your impressions as you spend more time with the mattress. The Aloe Alexis is one on the beds on my list so I am interested in your experiences.

I definitely will. I want to make sure I take enough time to give a thorough review. With that said…I so far am happy with my choice.

Hi, I am considering the Aloe Alexis also, and was wondering what comfort level you got and how you like it so far?
Thanks, Cownox

Just hit about four months with my Aloe Alexis and I still love it. It began to soften a little bit in the third month, so that is when I think the “break” in officially ends. Search my posts if you want more detailed impressions.