BB Cool Luxe Review

So we finally decided on the mattress to get, after having really liked the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe, and deciding between the Dreamfoam 13" Gel, Cool Luxe, and Cirrus Luxe ES(Selectfoam), we went with the Cool Luxe in King ($2K-ish after 5%).

The mattress came rolled up in a beatup box that was insanely heavy. My husband and I managed to drag it upstairs and left it rolled up for a couple of days. Once we cleared out the bedroom, we unrolled it on the floor, as our frame has not arrived yet. It was packaged in several layers of plastic, and opened quite easily after (carefully) using an exacto knife.

The first thing we immediately noticed when we unrolled it, was how fast it expanded. When moving it into position, we also noticed that the bottom is a really horrendous camo design (the top is really nice looking though).

After unrolling, we immediately relaxed on it. We found it a little oversoft, but really really comfortable, with minimal smell. The strength was best described as about half of the level of smell a new car has.

After allowing it to expand for a few hours, we came back and it had firmed up a lot, a little more so then the Cloud Luxe (which makes sense, as it is not broken in yet). Despite sleeping on the floor (well, 13 inches off the floor), it was perhaps the most comofrtable mattress I have ever slept on.

One of the other major points is that, despite both of us always sleeping hot, we slept no hotter than (and perhaps a little cooler) a traditional coil mattress.

Only other point I would like to make is that our free pillows were a bit underfilled, but it looks like Brooklyn Bedding is going to replace them for us.

Any specific questions? Feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Also: I’d like to thank Phoenix, who without his help, I doubt we would have found a bed anywhere near as comfy

Hi paladin732,

Thanks for taking the time to write a great update and share your feedback :slight_smile:

I appreciate it and I know it will help other members as well who are considering the same mattress.


very helpful. Thank you!

This feedback made all my doubts clear. I was planning to buy a bunch of mattresses for the whole house. So I am now sure for what am I going to buy.

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awesome review, I will have to think about it. This or one of their latex models!