BB Cool Supreme or Novosbed Harmony?

A little background history. My wife and I used to have an old Tempurpedic bed when we first got married. We had it for almost 13 years before we got rid of it. My wife tolerated the bed for those 13 years and always complained that it was too hard, back then of course that’s what Tempurpedic had. So we got an innerspring mattress with a pillowtop that my wife liked the soft pillowy feel of the top. That has lasted all of 4 years and now the bed is soooo uncomfortable that we both wake up every morning with back aches.

We have been searching for a new mattress and looked at the Sleep Number beds, my wife liked the i10 model. I brought up my hesitation of a mechanical breakdown of a pump or air bladder and an inability to use the bed for a week while we wait for a replacement part. That’s all I had to say and she said forget about that! This brought us back to foam. She was a little hesitant at first because she remembered the firmness of our original Tempurpedic mattress. I mentioned to her in my research that they have come a long way in the past several years with various comfort layers to make the bed softer, more comfortable, yet supportive. She was willing to check them out. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to test out a couple models I had researched, specifically the Cloud Luxe and Cloud Supreme Breeze. I liked the Cloud Luxe and she liked the coolness of the Cloud Supreme Breeze.

So, based on that we have narrowed our search and I’m looking for some feedback on our choices.

  1. Brooklyn Bedding Cool Supreme
  2. Novosbed Harmony

We like the fact that both companies offer an in-home trial so we can test the beds over a period of time to make sure we like our decision. I’m just looking to see if anyone has fist hand experience with either of these companies & models? Customer service, etc.?

Thanks in advance for your input! :wink:

Hi Daleratliff,

You have certainly eliminated any of your “worse” choices and are making comparisons between “good and good”. Both of these companies are very knowledgeable and have good quality, service, and value. There are no “weak links” in either of your finalists although they both have a different design and use different materials. The Brooklyn Bedding uses higher quality/density foams in the comfort layers but is also a little more costly.

When you are at the point where there are no clear winners and there are no “mistakes” in any of your finalists then post #2 here can help you make your final choice based on the criteria that are the most important parts of your personal value equation.