BB's Bamboo Bliss or Aloe Alexis?

I’ve been looking at the Ultimate Dreams for a while now but recently learned about the changes made to the product and decided to look at the Bamboo Bliss instead. Then I looked at the Aloe Alexis and saw that it has 6" of Talalay latex instead of the Bamboo Bliss’s 3". I understand that both have the 2.17 foam core (or is that correct?). The Aloe Alexis comes with a bigger price tag and my husband and I were initially looking at the Ultimate Dreams because of its lower price and value, but we were concerned with the change to the 1.5 lb foam core and the mattress’s lifespan.

We are really leaning towards the Bamboo Bliss because of its price and the overall value, but how big is the difference between having the 3" latex layer vs. the 6" layer? I’d imagine the latter is closer to their Total Latex mattress…I’m a side sleeper most of the time (sometimes stomach) and my husband is also usually a side sleeper. I’m 5’ 115 lbs. while he is 5’9" 160 lbs. Would we feel the difference of the extra 3" of latex on the Aloe Alexis?

Also, is there a discount for being a member at this forum, in addition to receiving their current offer of two free pillows?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Moringa,

Yes, this is correct … but it’s usually best to confirm all specs directly with the manufacturer.

Post #2 here should help.

While both are roughly equivalent value (most manufaturers have roughly equivalent value across their lineup), the Alexis certainly would have advantages in terms of performance … especially for heavier people … and also in terms of layering options and design flexibility both before and after a purchase.


Thank you, Phoenix! We will be ordering the Bamboo Bliss since that is within our budget and we’ll still have the opportunity to exchange the comfort layer if needed.

Hi Moringa,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you certainly made a great quality and value choice and I hope you have the chance to let us know your comments and feedback after you have a chance to sleep on it.


After a month of sleeping on the Bamboo Bliss, we are very happy with it.
We were able to get the two free shredded latex pillows, as well, and plan on ordering a couple more in the future. They are so comfortable and we find very little need to fluff them up. Actually, they fluff up immediately, unlike conventional-style pillows that seem impossible to fluff.

I was a little concerned about the Bamboo Bliss making us “sleep hotter,” but have found no issue with that so far. We built a slatted platform frame (slats are ~3" apart). We ordered the “6” and this has worked well for my husband and me. I don’t find myself sinking into the bed, but it provides adequate support so that I no longer feel any aches and pains. It’s been pretty common for either one of us to hear the other say, “I love this bed!!” We don’t want to get up in the morning. There were no “chemical”-like odors either. I think that the odor that we were smelling (it wasn’t foul) was from the latex, and it dissipated in a day or two.

The ordering process was very easy and the shipping was fast. The bed cost more than what we really wanted to spend, but overall we got a good value. For a couple of years I thought I would buy a Tempurpedic but after having tried a couple of those in-store, in retrospect the Bamboo Bliss feels much better and the price is right.

Thanks, Phoenix and to this forum for helping with such a tough decision!

Hi Moringa,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it!

I’m glad that you and your mattress have become such good friends :slight_smile: