Bed frame for an adjustable bed

Hello Friends,
I have an adjustable bed and I wanted to buy a white bed frame for that. However, most of the dealers I contact online tell me that they don’t recommend using their bed frame with anything other than a regular mattress. What is the best solution for my problem? Should I just buy a seperate head board and not use a complete bed frame at all?

Hi salilsurendran,

There are bedframes where the adjustable bed can fit inside the frame (like this) rather than the bedframe being used to support the mattress or foundation itself.

Is this what you meant?

I’m not sure what type of bed frames they are referring to that can only be used for a “regular” mattress or what they mean by “regular”. Most bedframes are designed to either hold a foundation or if they are slatted or a solid surface (like a platform bed) to be used directly under an appropriate mattress without a foundation .


I guess he means a mattress that is not adjustable. I’d be very cautious with buying from online shops that have such poor guidance.