Bed frame opinions + IKEA foundation?

This isn’t entirely about mattresses, but I’m hoping to get some opinions on some beds :slight_smile:

I’m looking at these: one, two, and three

Notice on #2 that the mattress has a low profile and its top is close to the top of the bedframe. I really like this look, compared to the first one where the mattress is much higher. Anyone have a preference among these three bedroom sets?

If I combine any of those beds with something like this, and no other foundation, it should be stable and offer enough support, and give me the look I’d like, correct? :EDIT: I found another answer to a similar question at post #2 here :slight_smile:

Just like a good mattress, I would suggest deciding based on the construction. Is it hard wood, veneer over pressed wood? what does the floor model look like, good condition or lots of nicks and scratches -that may be an indicator of how it will stand up over time, does the mattress fit properly or is there a gap over the slats (goes to construction) we found one at a big box furniture store that had that problem, after reading reviews a lot of people had that problem and the frame did not hold up over time. So check reviews if you can find any. I went through this when looking for a frame. I wanted made in the USA because of the finishes used, glues, chemicals, etc, I did find them but the costs were out of my budget. I found a good all hard wood frame from night and day furniture. at a local futon shop! Then started to see them in some mattress stores. Costs were reasonable and it seems to be a good product (has a 10 year warranty) and it was in my price range. The downside is it isn’t a USA made bed (Malaysia) but made out of all rubber wood and no veneers anywhere!

Hi Rskman,

Just to answer your question specifically … I think it would be a good budget choice and has good value IMO. It also gives you the ability to make fine tuning adjustments to your sleeping system by changing the tension of the slats. It would be different from a solid slatted base because of it’s flexibility but the mattress would be well supported because of the number of slats.

As long as it is well supported on both sides and the middle you should be fine. The price is certainly “right”.


I think your advice is good and as you say … it’s always a good idea to know the details of the construction of what you buy. A base especially is an important part of a sleeping system and needs to be suitable for the type of mattress you purchase.

When I have the chance one day I plan to go to a local Ikea and see “touch” their bases in person (hopefully they will have some that are already set up).


Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I’d really like a solid hardwood bed frame, but it seems all the platform beds with legs that I like are $2000 and up for decent ones. That kind of price seems insane even if the materials and joinery are great. So I might have to go with something that has more veneer, to keep the price under $500 and still get something that has the design I want. But we’ll see… hopefully I can find something before my mattress arrives :slight_smile:

Mine is a platform (the black-pepper) in a Cal King for 579. The queen is a little less, the eastern king in the rosemary bed (another Platform) was 379. The problem I had was finding a Cal King. We originally wanted the Rosemary but they did not make it in a Cal King. Only a few places had the Black Pepper in a Cal King because whoever distributes them has to order 1,000 units. We found a place in Oxnard that does just that and shipped directly to the Futon store which was their supplier. The construction is solid. The slats are nice and solid (not thin like I had seen at a lot of beds) There are also a lot of them (I will have to count to see just how many) there is even a center rail to keep them secure. It is a solid well made bed and no squeaks out of it at all. I use a bunky board over the slats. We did see the same beds at sit and sleep for twice the price so definitely shop around. That was a good place to compare since they carried a lot of the models we were looking at.