bed frame problem

Having a problem with the Malouf ST5033BF bed frame, which I am using to hold a SleepEZ Twin XL foundation. This is the one:

The attached photo shows the problem. The cross arms are locked in the slots at the key holes, and the frame is as straight as I can make it, and it’s firmly between the two rails. However, the right front corner sticks out several inches from the foundation, while the left front is tight against the foundation.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

There is actually nothing wrong with your frame. I have put together hundreds of these and it’s a little off.

When putting the frame together and hooking the arms together it’s hard to judge if it is square with the naked eye and it is sorta shaped like a parallelogram right now.

The easiest way is to fix it is simply stand at the foot of your bed and push on the box and it will square itself against your wall.

If you are afraid you may damage your wall, take the matt and box off and stand the frame on its head with the flat brackets on the ground. You will be able to eyeball the sides and make sure they are as perfectly vertical as you can get.; A level can finish the job for perfection, but be careful when you lay it back down, or put the matta and box back on that you don’t knock it out of alignment. Like I said

Face the bed in the same position when you took this photo. Crouch down. With your right hand, push forward against the frame rail that is sticking out a bit, while at the same time grasping the foundation on underside (right next to the rail) und pull that toward you. It will square up right away, as AllensFurniture stated.