Bed frame question


First off thank you for this amazing forum. I spent weeks hemming and hawing over an online mattress before I went through this forum and eventually went with a local retailer. I purchased a Parklane Mattress yesterday in the Northrup model. Now I’m looking at platform bed frame options.

I was told 4 inches between slats would be sufficient for my mattress. The Northrup has an offset coil core. I’m leaning toward the Best Price Mattress Heavy Duty steel slat metal frame in model e. I like it because the slats themselves are almost 4 inches thick, there’s a little over 3.5 inches between the slats, and there’s a horizontal support beam with extra legs and a vertical support beam without legs. Any thoughts on whether this should be sufficient? I’m paranoid about sagging and ruining my nice mattress but this seems the best metal platform frame option I’ve come across (for a reasonable price at least - I broke the bank with the mattress purchase).


Hi MonBon17,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile: And congratulations on your new Parklane mattress! :cheer: As you’re aware, you chose something from a site member here using high quality and durable materials. I’m looking forward to learning about your new mattress once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.

The specifications of the product seem to exceed what Parklane recommends for your new mattress, and with the center reinforcement the slats should not flex in the middle. While I’m not personally familiar with this item, it “seems” to be an improvement over something using a wire grid network on the top deck. If you do decide to purchase this item, I’d be interested in your feedback.


Thanks for the feedback! I went with it and so far so good! I’ve been sleeping on it about a week now and have noticed no creaking or noise. It’s very sturdy. It also seems to stay in place and my mattress isn’t sliding around. It’s just me in the bed so we’ll see how long it takes to start creaking, if it does. So far I’m pretty pleased with this purchase! I’ll try to remember to update in the future.

Also my Parklane mattress is incredible.

Hi MonBon17,

I’ll look forward to your feedback on both your Parklane mattress and your Best Price bed frame in the future! I’m glad that things are working out well for you so far.