Bed Frame: Structures by Malouf or Spa Sensations Steel Smart

I’m torn between these 2 models:

Structures by Malouf


Spa Sensations Steel Smart

I have a regular king size mattress and the base layer is 5" of 41-50 ILD polyfoam + 3" talalay on top. I don’t mind paying more for the Structures frames because it has 20 longitudinal wires total (10 on each side), but the reviews shows a squeak problem. The Spa Sensations is 50% cheaper, has 1000+ 5 star reviews, but it only has 14 longitudinal wires total (7 on each side). Anyone has experience with either one of these with their king size mattresses?

I was about to pull the trigger on the Structures tonight, but the squeaking problem really scared me off. I have doubts on the Spa Sensation as well because I might upgrade to a full latex mattress in the future and I’m not sure if it could support the increased weight with only 14 wires.

Hi Tenmand,

I don’t have personal experience with either of them but I would lean towards the Malouf because of the extra wires (and smaller gaps) you mentioned.

I’ve read a few reports of the squeaking issue but I have a suspicion (although I don’t know for sure) that it’s a missing washer or bolts that aren’t tightened properly.

I tend to lean towards less risky choices and the gaps in the Spa Sensations just don’t re-assure me and I would only use these with a lower quality/value mattress where durability wasn’t as big an issue.