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Finally purchased a mattress and not looking for a foundation. I was going to purchase the Boyd frame that is available at on ebay, but my computer froze in the last few seconds of the auction (grr). I was searching ebay and found the auction below. I am told the slats have 2" gaps What are your thoughts?

Hi bwomp,

Do you have the link?


Whoops. I forgot to fill in the text portion. here you go.


Hi bwomp,

I’ve seen these around but have no personal experience with them. Based on what I’ve seen though I don’t think I would trust them to provide the kind of support I would want … especially with a latex mattress but probably with most other mattresses as well unless someone was very light and the mattress was as well.

Of course I’m always open to changing my opinion about them based on more information but my impression is that they just don’t seem to be the kind of construction I would be comfortable with.


bwomp - I looked at the wood slatted frames but bought an all metal one in full size. You can replace the slats though, on the one you are looking at. I do not rem the reviews other than that I know there was at least one about broken slats.

I put my mattress on the all metal frame earlier today and it works very well, a good fit- and cost less than the slatted one you are looking at. Mine is just like the Boyd you mention. They sell these at several places at varying prices with different brand names online. When I checked the specs especially the weight I found them to be the same and- the weight loads were the same too and so I purchased one of the cheapest units from the bunch. I think its a great and versatile design, and I found no rough edges so no worries, just check it. I like the fact that 2 folding units make one Full size too- great support, easily manageable for cleaning or moving.

In 20 years I have not had a bed frame high enough to store anything under so thats a plus. The bad news is my little Papillon found out she could hide from me under there, the little sneak :slight_smile: gl in your frame search - in my case it was an easy decision.

Two questions for you princess.

  1. What type of mattress do you have?
  2. Where did you end up buying your frame?

Hi bwomp.

I bought the Dreamfoams Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress in Full size. Only other one I would have wanted is their model up that has the compartment to swap layers around however my budget didn’t allow that.

The frame I got was like Sleep Master - note that full supports 1200 lbs and queen (or king) support 2400 lbs. Nearly every frame I looked at on about 5 sites had the same specs, weight loads, same design. I had picked up my frame weeks before I chose the mattress so I grabbed whatever was under a hundred dollars on the web. They all have different names :slight_smile: I chose against a wood slatted one.