bed height

i was hoping to get a bed that’s about 20-21 inches tall so that when foam is compressed it becomes about 18 inches tall - same as my computer chair when adjusted to the height i like.

but i am finding this very hard to accomplish. the ikea bed i want is 10.5 inches tall, and all the other beds are even taller, so when you add 13.5" mattress it works out to 24 inches - which is supposed to be typical for beds, but makes no sense to me ! if all the sofas and office chairs are 18" why make beds 25 inches ?

i hear in the past beds were as high as 36" …

what are the cons/pros of 18", 25" and taller beds and everything in between ?

in MY case i spend half my day watching TV ( actually youtube and delicast on big screen TV ) sitting on my bed. half the time i will be laying on the bed watching TV and half the time i will be sitting up at the edge - and that’s why i am worried about the bed being so high.

i’m 5’10 ( actual height ) but i have never had a tall bed before. i grew up in Soviet Union where you would be lucky to be sleeping on a piece of plywood LOL and when i came to US i was a teenager and up until now i have slept on futon type folding contrations which all were close to the ground. finally age and bodyweight have caught up to me and i need a real bed - but i’m not sure whether a bed taller than 20" will work for me because i never tried taller beds - especially not for watching TV from ?

Hi g1981c,

While this is not strictly what you are talking about … you can read some of the potential benefits of a thicker mattress (not the sleeping height of a sleeping system) in post #14 here.

In terms of the actual sleeping height of your bed (the number of inches to the top surface of your mattress) … it would be a matter of personal preference mostly based on how easy it is to get on and off the mattress for a particular person or in some cases sitting comfort on the side of the mattress and on how well it matched the bedframe you are using (how high up the headboard or footboard it came which would be an appearance issue).

There is an article here which discusses this.