Bed I like in Oklahoma City

Hi Phoenix Im trying to decide on three different beds listed below:

  1. Latex Pure Bliss
  2. Corsicana the new gel memory foam beds.
  3. Sleep design the new gel beds or the latex model bed they make.

I need your help in deciding between the three beds. i know there are local places for a better price point
but did not like any of there beds.

Hi bhawes8,

I’d be happy to tell you my opinion about any mattress if you can provide a link to the layering or the specific models you are considering. A little more about your “statistics” (such as your height and weight and sleeping positions) would be helpful as well and your feedback about the pressure relief and support qualities of the models you are considering would be helpful as well.

In general though …

Pure latex bliss has a range of Talalay latex mattresses that use good materials (mostly talalay latex) but in general are more expensive than mattresses that use the same materials but are sold by local manufacturers. They are often a better choice when compared to major brands but a lower value (but high quality) choice when compared to most factory direct manufacturers or even some other “brand name” mattresses that use the same materials. The goal of Pure Latex Bliss is to increase the use of latex in the industry (because their owner makes the latex), not to undercut the manufacturers who are already making latex mattresses using the foam they manufacture. They are a “high margin” brand.

To have an opinon on any Corsicana mattress I would need to know exactly what is in the mattress you are looking at. Notice on their site their focus is on the profit margin they can offer to their dealers (and profit margin is what they are selling). In general though they are a “promotional” type of mattress in the lower budget ranges and can have better value than other brands in a similar price range. There are other manufacturers though who produce better value in these price ranges.

I would also need to know the specific layering of the Sleep Designs mattress you are looking at (assuming you mean the manufacturer I linked to as there are other “sleep design” outlets).

Post #26 in this thread includes some of my thoughts about gel memory foam in general.

None of these compare in value to Oklahoma Mattress (as you mentioned) and hopefully you have considered all your options there but with a little more information I’d be happy to share my thoughts about the other mattresses you are considering.