Bed in a Box

Hi brandog712,

You can see my thoughts and “analysis” of Bed in a Box in post #2 here. A forum search on bedinabox (you can just click this) will also bring up more references to them as well.

Yes … like all the members here I consider them to be among the best quality and value in the country. They would certainly make a good choice. If you are looking at their gel memory foam mattresses then I would test local mattresses that were similar which may help you decide which is better for you in terms of “matching” your needs and preferences. If you are considering their latex hybrids or all latex mattresses … then I would ry to test some similar mattresses locally to make sure you are comfortable with latex.

The choice between memory foam and latex is really a matter of personal preference rather than a “better worse” comparison. i would test both materials locally so that you can decide on your own personal preference between the slow response of memory foam or the fast response of latex and decide which is better for you. All of their mattresses have equivalent “value” but it’s still important to choose the one that best matches your own needs and preferences and your personal value equation.