Bed Shopping

:cheer: Well here I am, back again. Stopped at the OMF yesterday, fell in love with the Serenity mattress, however just the mattress alone is $1500, big bucks. However it sounds so well made, fell like a dream to lay on.
Do you really get what you pay for?
My experience at the Knollwood Restwell store wasn’t the best, so I’m hesitate to go back there, after the fact I think the sales person was pulling my leg, he seem me coming, sized up the situation fast and I was an almost sale. There I can get their best mattress plus the platform that goes up/down for $1800.
That’s where I start to get over confused, one store this price, the other store that price.

I also mentioned to the OMF person maybe I should just buy one of their 2 sided mattresses and get a good topper, I told him that had been recommended to me. He felt it was a waste of money over time, how much am I’m going to spend on toppers, how often to they need to be replaced, how will I manuver them in my arthritic crippled state. Bottom line he felt that situation would have to be totally replaced within 8 years if I made it that far changing toppers, where the Serenity mattress would outlast it by a good 10 years.

I think I read some of these recommended places will give discounts on their beds? OMF didn’t seem to know anything about that?

Please add your thoughts to my lastest venture out for a bed.

Sometimes I think I should just hire someone to go and buy me something, could it be any worse?

Hi Diddlydo,

Whether you get what you pay for depends on what and where you buy. In some cases no and in some cases yes. In the case of OMF … I think they have better quality/value than most other manufacturers … especially the mainstream brands … so relative to most of the other choices available to you I would say yes.

I actually mentioned your comments to the people at Restwell and they were surprised and his comment was that it may have been one of their part time people because their “normal” practice is not to present the adjustable as a “necessary” option or to upsell beyond someone’s budget.

The “value” of this combination would depend on the specifics of the mattress and the adjustable bed. One place’s “best” mattress may be equivalent to another place’s “worst” mattress and vice versa. You would need to know the details of the layers of the mattress and the make and model of the adjustable bed to make a meaningful assessment of the relative value of either one or both. They will give this information to you if you ask.

This is one of the reasons why its so important to know the details of all the layers and components in a mattress you are considering so you can make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

I think the wisdom of a mattress/topper choice would depend on the specifics of the combination. It would depend entirely on whether the mattress you are buying is suitable for a topper and the type and quality of the materials in the comfort layers and of course the type and quality of topper you choose. If your “base” mattress has comfort layers that are too thick and soft or use lower quality materials … then they would not be the best option for a mattress/topper combination and this would only be a good option if you had no other choices. In this case I think his comments would be accurate. If the base mattress had high quality foam and thin firm layers in the comfort layers (a typical ultra firm mattress) … and you used a good quality topper … then it could work well and in this case his comments and lifespan estimate wouldn’t be accurate IMO.

Yes. The members of this site are listed here and all of them provide either a discount or a product bonus to the forum members here when they make a mattress purchase. OMF is not one of the members so of course they wouldn’t know anything about this.

Please add your thoughts to my lastest venture out for a bed.

The key is always to make sure that you know the details of every mattress you are seriously considering so you can make meaningful comparisons in terms of quality/value and identify any potential weak links in the mattress but if you have tested the Serenity for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) then it would certainly be a good quality/value choice relative to most other mattresses that use the same quality materials and is less than many that use lower quality materials sold by major manufacturers.