Bedding accessories questions

So we’re thisclose to purchasing a Select Foam Cirrus Supreme (and foundation), so now I’m looking at the type of accessories to get with it.

I have some severe dust allergies, so I definitely want a mattress protector. I currently use SafeRest on my traditional mattress, which is waterproof with a cotton terry surface and zipper. I was thinking about getting one for the new bed, also, but I worry about the breathability issue that I’ve seen described here and elsewhere.

Additionally, I’ve always had a mattress cover…typically a basic one from a local big-box store. What are the best things to look for in mattress covers? Are they necessary for memory foam beds? Would it affect the structure/shape of the bed at all if it’s one with elastic, like I typically use?

Finally…the bed frame. Select Foam sells a bed frame for $80. I asked the customer service guy, and he said it’s a basic metal frame with a single bar down the middle. If that’s the case, would something like this work just as well? Are there other options we should look into, like platform mattress frames? I worry because I know memory foams are heavier than other mattresses, and I want to make sure we have something with decent support.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hi austriana,

If you have severe dust mite allergies then you will likely need a full mattress encasement that surrounds the mattress to protect you from the dust mite allergens instead of just a mattress protector that protects the top surface and fits on the mattress like a fitted sheet. There is more information about these in post #2 here. If the mattress encasement you choose isn’t waterproof or water resistant and is designed to protect against allergens only then it would also be a good idea to add a mattress protector that can protect against body fluids and accidents as well. A mattress encasement that surrounds the mattress on all 6 sides is only necessary for those who have allergies to dust mites and most people will be fine with only a mattress protector not an encasement (see post #89 here). I would also make sure you use an encasement on your pillows as they can be an even bigger source of dust mite allergens than a mattress.

You can read more about bedframes in post #10 here. Both the frame sold by Select Foam and the frame you linked would be fine under a suitable foundation.

These are a combination bedframe and foundation in one product and can also be a suitable choice for most mattresses. You can read more about these in post #10 here and some of the different types that are available are listed in the foundation post here.