Bedding Search

Looking to acquire SleepEz Organic Latex Mattress 7000 for my daughter and cover with NaturaProtect Deluxe Mattress Protector.

Trouble is I am looking for organic bedding that fits this relatively shallow bed (7 inches maybe more with the protector). Also, would prefer something quick drying since cotton sheets take forever in the dryer. Is bamboo an option?

Hi pennc94,

The SleepEz organic 7000 would certainly make a good choice for a child.

Natural fibers tend to absorb more moisture than synthetics so they tend to take longer to dry than polyester. The thickness of the sheets and how much water they hold when they are fully saturated will have more to do with drying time than the fabric but bamboo or other cellulosic fibers will “release” moisture a little faster than cotton and will dry faster. Microfibers such as micromodal or tencel will dry faster yet. Silk is also a faster drying natural fiber but of course it’s also more costly.

I would keep in mind that cellulosic fabrics (such as rayon, bamboo, tencel, micromodal, and many others) are “semi synthetic” and use different types of cellulose derived from various plants that are dissolved in a chemical solvent and then drawn into a fiber so they wouldn’t be “organic” if an organic certification is important to you.

Post #7 here and the other posts it links to have more about different types of sheets and fabrics.