Bedinabox pacbamboo vs. ultimate dreams 13 inch gelfoam mattress

I have been researching memory foam mattresses and I had almost decided on the Bedinabox pacBamboo gel mattress when I came across the Ultimate Dreams 13 in. gel foam mattress by Dreamfoam which is much less expensive. Can anyone tell me how these two compare to each other. I also have nerve damage and arthritis in my lumbar spine so I need a firmer mattress. Any help would be greatly appreciated as money is a big concern.

Hi Carey,

You can see my thoughts about the bed in a box mattresses in post #2 here. A forum search on “bedinabox” will bring up more comments about them). I would personally mot consider a memory foam mattress that used 3 lb memory foam although they do use a good quality base layer.

Dreamfoam (Brooklyn Bedding) is one of the invited members of this site and like the other members here I consider them to have among the best quality and value in the country and I certainly recommend them both for the quality and value of their mattresses and because they have the knowledge and experience to provide good guidance and help their customer make the bst possible choices. You can read a little more about the Ultimate Dreams 13" gel mattress in this thread and a forum search on “Ultimate Dreams gel” (you can just click this) will bring up more posts as well. It is similar in feel to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe apparently but just a bit firmer.


Hi Phoenix,

I’m new to this forum. I was looking around and reading some very good information. I’m a bit puzzled, is the Dreamfoam Mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding? I thought the Dreamfoam was by the man, John Merwin and provides his bedding on Amazon. I don’t see the Ultimate Dreams 13 inch gel on Brooklyn Bedding’s website. Are they two different companies?

Hi taskman,

John is the owner of Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam is a brand they manufacture to sell on Amazon.

They have two different lines of mattress on the Amazon website and on their own site (which has recently been updated and where they are listing their newer line of mattresses) with their own site focusing more on mattresses that have adjustable and or exchangeable comfort layers. The return and exchange policies are also different for each.


Thank you for the quick response.