Bedroom storage tips?

I recently moved from Barrie to North York and bought a house. I am quite settling down well but finding it hard to organizer my bedroom and kitchen storage. The room seem to look smaller than before, may be because my stuff is too much to hold for the room. Anyway things seem to go not as planned. Now I am looking for external help and im planning to call up a home storage solution service to help me with the stuff. Just a question, is there anything I could do before I hire them so as to save money? Any tips to optimize my storage space? Open to ideas and suggestions.

Hi MBates,

While your questions are outside the scope of a mattress forum … hopefully some of the members here that read it will have some suggestions that may be helpful.


I hope any member could give me tips or ideas!

You might find this blog post about living in a studio apartment with a family of four informative: Life in a Studio Apartment with my Wife and Two Sons - Greg Kroleski

In particular, the distinction between high density storage space and low density living space.