befuddled - narrowed down to two choices but need input to make the final decision - pls help


I am close to making my final mattress decision but I need some help from you all to achieve that. The choice is down to either the Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Bliss or the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop from Amazon. My confusion is all about how the wool plays into the equations, along with a protector and also wanting to sleep “cool”.

Background Information:

Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Bliss:
• $899.00 per twin
• Bamboo cover
• 1 inch wool layer with reflex foam
• 3" of premium talalay latex
• 8 inches 2.17 lb HD Omalon Foam Core

Ultimate Dreams Eurotop:
• $699.00 per twin
• Quilted Bamboo cover
• 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam
• 3" of premium talalay latex
• 8 inch 2.35 pound high density convoluted base foam

The mattress will be used on an adjustable bed base.

• I know that I can put the St Dormier protector (wool) on the Ultimate Dreams Europtop as it does not have a wool layer itself. But I have read that it is too much wool to put a wool protector on a mattress with a wool layer. So what do I use on the Bamboo Bliss to keep my mattress semi-protected but cool?
• Is it better to have the wool layer as part of the protector or as part of the bed itself?
• Can a wool mattress protector be used with an adjustable base – or will it bunch up?

I really think I would rather have the Bamboo Bliss if I could work out how to protect it, not have the protector bunch up and be able to “sleep cool”.

Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Hi Jacks,

I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use the St Dormeir on any mattress regardless of whether it had wool in the quilting or not.

As in so many things connected with mattresses … there is no better or worse here. I would treat them separately because they each have a different function and one is not exclusive of the other. There is some overlap of benefits of course (such as breathability) but both can happily co-exist with the other. If I was choosing a mattress with a very thick layer of wool that would be subject to compression over time then I may consider a separate wool topper which could be replaced but in most cases wool quilting and a wool protector are both fairly thin so this wouldn’t apply.

A protector like the St Dormier will be fine on an adustable bed.


Thank you. That was the last bit of info I needed to be able to move forward with my purchase.