berkeley ergonomics, ultimate dreams, and diamond mattresses.

Hello everyone.

First and foremost, thank you to Phoenix and everyone else who put all these fabulous resources together. I feel extremely educated about a topic that I wouldn’t have done so otherwise if it wasn’t for due diligence.

I’m residing in the Sacramento, CA area. I currently sleep on a worn out cheap spring mattress and use a memory foam topper to make it comfortable. Due to various chiropractic issues, I believe its time to invest in my sleep. After educating and searching the forums, I only found 2 mattress outlets in my area: An outlet for diamond mattresses, and European Sleep Design (Berkeley Ergonomics).

I have been really impressed by the knowledge of the staff at Sleep Design and found their service, guarantee, and quality amazing. My problem here is that their prices really pushes my budget.

As for the outlet that sells diamond mattresses, the owner seems like a good fellow but seems stringent on his viewpoints (I should buy a full latex mattress because everything else will wear out no matter what which is important for people w/ chiropractic issues like you). While the diamond full latex mattress are also out of my budget range, I found the individually pocket coil mattresses much more affordable and fairly comfortable and thought about purchasing a latex topper for it if needed. However I have yet to find consistently good in-depth reviews of diamond mattresses on this forum and even outside this forum for that matter in regards to their innerspring mattresses.

I’m considering ultimate dreams as well because of its price point, the number of quality reviews, and its endorsement by this forum. I’m just worried about making a mattress purchase w/o even being able to try it.

As of now, I am leaning towards ultimate dreams because of its price point, # of reviews, and mattressunderground’s endorsement.

Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi ghifai,

The Sacramento list is in post #2 here but there isn’t a lot right in the area as you mentioned. Diamond mattresses can have some good value (depending on the retailer that sellls them) and I think highly of the Berkeley Ergonomic mattresses as well and they are also good quality and value.

Yes … I agree with your thoughts and I have always been impressed as well in my conversations with them. A forum search on Berkeley Ergonomics (you can just click this) will bring up lots more information and feedback about them.

They certainly use good quality materials which along with my personal testing would be much more important than any reviews (except for reviews on the retailer I was buying from). I also think an innerspring/latex hybrid can make a very good choice (like the Berkeley ergonomics which use very high quality springs).

I think not being able to ty it and the fact that it can’t be returned was the biggest “worry” of most of the people who have purchased this as well but the tradeoff for this is that they have great value and they are also good at helping their customers make their firmness choices. They also have a Eurotop model where you can exchange the layer for a reasonable cost if you make the wrong choice initially which can also offset some of the risk but it’s a little more costly.

I think you are looking at good quality choices and once you have eliminated the worst choices and are comparing “good to good” (which you are) then your choices will usually boil down to personal preferences and the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between them and how they fit your “value equation” (although I can’t really assess the value of the Diamond because it would depend on which mattress you were looking at and the prices charged by the retailer).

I don’t really think you can make a quality or value “mistake” at this point and the real issue is your confidence in how well each will match your needs and preferences and how comfortable you are with the extra risk of ordering online vs local testing.


hi, in what store in New York can I find Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses?
thank you for helping,

Hi Lina,

The New York list is in post #2 here and includes two stores in the general area (Scott Jordan Furniture in New York City and Urban Natural in East Hanover, NJ that carry Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses.