Berkeley ergonomics update

Just wanted to provide you with another quick update!

We’ve had our Sovn (Berkeley Ergonomics) Willow ‘C’ mattress for about 9 months now. As you know, we got the firm pocket coils + 2" of 25ILD latex. For a while we added a 1" 20ILD latex topper, but we’ve taken it back off. We also changed the euroslats to the regular wood foundation because we never could adjust to the euroslats.

I am pleased to say that so far so good! I am still very pleased with this bed, no back aches, good quality, and not leaving body impressions. It’s got just enough “cush”, but still a lot of support. Of course the most important thing –
NO BACK PAIN! :slight_smile:

Last weekend I visited my sister and stayed in their guestroom. They just have an old school regular coil mattress in there with a 3" memory foam topper. Well, the minute I laid down and sank into that memory foam, I knew I was going to have a sore back in the morning. Sure enough! I woke up early in the morning b/c I couldn’t sleep any more b/c my back hurt so much. Man I was happy to get home to my own bed :wink:

Just wanted to give you guys an update…finally happy!

Hi SleeplessinDallas,

Thanks for the update and sharing the good news!

You’ve went through such a long and frustrating journey to find a mattress that works for you for longer than just a few months and it’s great to see that everything is still working out so well :slight_smile:


Dear Sleepless in Dallas,

I live near Tyler, and am looking for a chemical free bed and am planning to make a trip to see the Sovn beds tomorrow. I am curious now that you have the comfort part all ironed out, do you think the bed that you got is worth the money? What were your impressions of working with the store to exchange your slats for the box? Were there extra charges involved with that?

Your opinions would be appreciated.


Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know that I have recently purchased a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress, 100% latex rather than innerspring and latex. It is being delivered next Friday. I did not get the Euro slat foundation but bought a simple platform bed instead. I live in Vermont so it is not from the same store as you. When I told them that I was not interested in the euroslat foundation they put it on a regular slatted foundation so I could see how it would feel as I was going to use it. I will report back in after I have actually slept on it.


Dear Jean,

Thanks. I hope that it works out for you. I will look forward to hearing what you think about it once you get it and sleep on it for a few days. I am going to check these out today and see what I think in the store.