Berkeley Ergonomics Update

My Berkeley Ergonomics mattress arrived on Friday. For me part of the “value” in this mattress was being able to buy local (Fly by Night in Northampton MA as recommended by Phoenix), get great customer service in the store (none of those used car salesman pressure tactics) and have delivery, set-up and removal of my old mattress and box spring. I was told the mattress would arrive between 11:00AM and 1:00PM and they came promptly at 11:30. They put together the platform bed that I had also bought, set up the mattress and removed the mattress and box spring as well as any debris in about 20 minutes times.

Now for the mattress itself. It looks and feels great, clearly a quality product. I put a mattress protector on it that I also bought at Fly by Night:

I have a small dog who sleeps with me and it seemed prudent to protect my investment.

My mattress is a 2 layer 100% Talay latex called firm/firm by Berkeley. I don’t know the ILD’s but if you like a sinking in feeling this is not the mattress for you. It has just a little bit of give. This is the way I tend to like it and I have slept very well my first 2 nights on it as has the dog but he’s not as picky as me. My twenty year old Simmons Beautyrest had gotten lumpy and the edges were wearing down so that I felt like I could fall off the side. Sometimes I would wake up with an aching hip. All that is gone. Last night I slept almost 8 hours which hardly ever happens. I usually sleep only about 6 hours so I am very satisfied and looking forward to more restful nights.

I am considering getting a topper, not for any pressure/pain relief but just for a slightly more luxurious feel, a bit more give on top, without significantly changing the performance of the mattress. My mattress is a double so the Seven Comforts topper is not an option. I am considering a Lanoodle by Cozy Comfort or a Snugfleece, although some people complain that the Snugfleece forms uncomfortable vertical channels that are impossible to get rid of after a few months of use. Any help with making this decision would be appreciated.I could possibly get a tufted wool topper from one of the recommended online stores but that is getting even more expensive.

Once again, thank you Phoenix. Spending this much money on a mattress I wanted to know I was getting quality. This site has made it possible to feel secure and happy with my decision.


Hi Jean,

Thank you for writing such a great review :slight_smile:

I think it will help many other people who are also considering Berkeley Ergonomics as one of their options and as I mentioned before I think you made an excellent choice.


As of early 2014, mattresses from berkeley ergonomics can be seen, tried, and purchased from their manufacturing location in Ontario, CA. You just need to make an appt ahead of time.

Hi Back sleeper,

I’ve added Berkeley Ergonomics to the list for the Greater Los Angeles region here and the San Bernardino / Rancho Cucamonga list here.

Thanks again for letting us know :).