Best Adjustable Base

I would like to know what is the best adjustable base for the 10,000 organic latex mattresses from Sleep EZ? We are purchasing either the Split King or 2 XL twins. Can you give me some ideas on how to decide ? I am concerned about the seam down the middle.

Hi Twheat,

Adjustable bases are more of a commodity purchase that is a matter of comparing the features that are important to you vs the price of the different options and manufacturers you have available. It’s not as subjective and much more clear cut than a mattress purchase because they all perform similar functions. Post #3 here and the adjustable bed thread has more information that can help you choose an adjustable bed that is the best match for your criteria and links to some good sources that you can use for pricing comparisons as well.

The choice between a split king (two twin XL’s) and a split mattress (a single mattress where each side has a different firmness level inside the same mattress) will really depend on how important it would be to you that each of you can raise and lower your mattress independently of the other. There would also be some smaller benefits in terms of motion isolation but the tradeoff of a split mattress would be that there would be a gap in the middle. There is more about the pros and cons of split king mattresses in post #8 here and in this topic that may be helpful and post #2 here has more about the pros and cons of split layering (you won’t feel the seam itself but of course you can feel the transition from one firmness level to the other).