Best "all purpose" latex topper?

Having enjoyed our new latex mattress for the last 6 weeks or so, I am sold on the benefits of latex. I now want to tackle our guest room, and am looking for advice.

The guest room mattress is a firm Simmons eurotop. We have had it for several years, but it gets virtually no use (maybe 10 nights per year), so it has held up very well and there are no impressions at all. However, it is too firm, and I am somewhat worried about comfort for guests, especially when my mother or mother-in-law come to visit. So I’d like to get a latex topper to soften it up a bit.

My question is, given that I am looking to make a bed “generally” more comfortable, but not to conform to my specific needs or my husbands, what would be the best bet in terms of firmness and thickness in a topper that would be suitable for making the bed more comfortable in general? I’m assuming soft, is that a sensible assumption? And would 2" be enough to change the general feel of the bed? The mattress is not rock hard firm right now, but I’d say that it is just a bit firmer than what would be commonly considered optimal comfort.

Hi sas95,

It’s difficult to say what would be the “best” topper for a mattress because the mattress underneath the topper would have a significant effect on how the topper feels.

Post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to have some suggestions that would be helpful but if you are looking for a softer feel I would probably consider something in the range of upper teens to lower 20’s in terms of firmness and between 2" - 3" in terms of thickness (thicker will “feel” softer and would have more of the “feel” of latex and less of the feel of the mattress underneath it). If your mattress isn’t really firm then I would probably lean towards 2".