Best Dunlop Latex Hybrid For A Guest Room & Need A New Pillow?

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Long time, no talk. We are ready to toss our 30-year old guest room mattress, YES-you read that right 30-years old!! I fought my wife for years on that one, but sometimes ya just gotta pick your battles. Anyhoo, we are big fans of dunlop latex hybrids with good coil support. While my all-time favorite bed was the Avocado mattress, we are currently sleeping on a Brentwood home latex hybrid in the master.

For the guest room we would like a similar style bed in a queen size, in a medium-firm for < $1,000. We do not get a lot of visitors who stay overnight, maybe 7-10 nights a year. However, my wife works in doctor’s offices and brings home a lotta crud during the flu season and one of us ends up moving to the guest room till healthy. An online search shows that this space is now flooded with companies selling latex-hybrids, many with not so great reputations. Any recommendations you can provide would be great.

On another note, I’ve been sleeping on an older TempurPedic pillow that is very dense/heavy and has been excellent as CPAP user that is a combo back & side sleeper. A quick search shows this pillow does not exist any more so i thought I might look for a similar latex pillow as a replacement. Are there any solid/dense latex pillows out that there that I should look at?

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Thanks for any advice and insight you can provide.

Hi Hammer and welcome back after 5 years!

30 years! That is impressive -You have certainly gotten your moneys’ worth out of it!

As you know, animus mattress you choose will be based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Even for occasional use when either you need to quarantine for a bit needs to have adequate support for your body profiles, as well as meet your comfort needs. Dunlop latex rubber, of course is less ‘bouncy’ than Talalay (the comparison is that of pound cake to angel food cake) but your Stats should determine the actual firmness of the comfort and support layers of your new mattress.

Many of the Trusted Members of the site I offer Dunlop hybrid mattresses of various configurations and price points; European Sleep Works has the Alpine Classic Dunlop which is a bit above your budget with the TMU discount, while SleepEZ has a flippable Dunlop Hybrid Latex Mattress at around your price point; Arizona Premium has the Eco King Hybrid for under $1000, and My Green Mattress carries the Kiwi Organic Hybrid, as well, among others. As well, many of our Trusted Members also carry latex pillows; Custom Sleep Technology has a single an dual density Latex Body Pillow which may be a good possible solution for you, for example.

If you have any questions on the suitability of a particular mattress, and let us know those Stats, we may be able to comment further. Wishing you success in finding a replacement guest mattress that will last many years!

~ Basilio

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