Best foundation for Brooklyn Bedding Latex/Polyfoam mattress - Metal frame on bed

Hello all,

I’ve been on this site for about a month and a half now doing research and have today made it official by registering :wink: Thank you all for all of your help so far.

We bought a new bed that has a metal frame. Please refer to the attached picture, below, for the details.

We will probably purchase a Brooklyn Bedding mattress, either the Bamboo Bliss or Aloe Alexis. Brooklyn Bedding has recommended their Simple Life foundation ( after I sent pictures of our bed. They seem like a knowledgeable, trustworthy company, but I wanted to ask for input here before moving forward with the foundation decision. I see a lot of wood slat foundations recommended here so wanted to ask about using metal on metal, and the Simple Life in particular. The wood foundations I’ve been looking at are in the same general ballpark price-wise as the Simple Life ($300-$350 for King) so at this point just looking to purchase the most appropriate one for our bed and mattress. There is also a possibility that my husband would make a wood foundation (and yes I did see the instructions in the forums which looks great).

Please help!

Hi Bluegirl,

The Simple Life foundation would be fine for either of the mattresses you are considering.


Thanks, Phoenix. Do you think the Simple Life might be noisier than a wood foundation, especially with the metal on metal? Is there any harm to using a wood one (my husband is considering making a wood foundation)?

Hi Bluegirl,

While I don’t have any personal experience with the Simple Life foundation … with the fabric covering I doubt that there would be any noise issues.

A suitable slatted wood foundation that provides rigid, evenly supportive, and non flexing support under the mattress would also work well.