Best hotel-like spring mattress

Hi all - I’m looking for a recommendation for a quality spring mattress. I tried an all latex mattress (3" soft-medium-firm talalay layers) a few years back and also memory foam mattresses and have always had a sore back with these. The best sleep I get tends to be on average hotel mattresses (hyatt, marriott, etc), which seem to be innerspring.

My hesitance with buying a random spring mattress is that the foam bits will breakdown/sag quickly, or that the springs will be low quality. I’ve looked at a lot of the latex hybrids available, but am unsure if I should avoid latex completely given my previous experience. What’s a good hotel-like option with durable components?

Advice appreciated

I’m not in the hospitality industry so have no idea how often they replace their mattresses. As a result I can’t speak to the durability.

However a number of hotel chains sell their mattress.
Four Seasons:

Even Princess cruises:

So if you have a hotel bed you like check and see if the chain sells it.

Hey mdrnsleepr,

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Hotel bed comparisons have been the topic of other consumer posts in the past and these beds definitely have their fans. As travel destinations fight to differentiate themselves among increasing competition for overnight guests, providing a quality sleep experience is one of the key ways to create customer loyalty. Major hotel chains such as Marriot partner with mattress manufacturers who can create custom programs for them on a scale matching their unusually large needs. You may find this article, “Best Hotel Beds: Where to Buy That Hotel Mattress You Loved!” interesting, it cites 14 popular hotels and their mattress manufacturer partners (source credit:, a business travelor’s blog not affiliated with this forum).

As far as component durability goes, shopping for a “hotel” branded mattress involves the same process as any other; Phoenix’s article, “Mattress Durability Guidelines” offers helpful insights to understanding factors affecting the useful life of a mattress and steps to make that assessment. If after your research you have more questions regarding a specific mattress or two…but not comparisons for ten, lol…drop back by and let’s see what we can find :wink: .Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing more on how your research is going.