Best manufacturer of all Latex Mattresses

My wife and I are in search of the best manufacturer of Latex Mattresses. I would prefer to purchase online to avoid Tennessee sales tax (9.5%). We are both on the large size her being 5"8 200pounds and me at 6"2 280pounds. From my understanding we would most likly need to purchase a adjustable all natural Talalay with her core being firm and mine needing to be extra firm for best comfort and support. Additionally we would like a latex topper. I need suggestions and advice for moving in the right direction??

                                                                                             Thanks, Nathan Gilliam

Hi nathanbgilliam,

In terms of a mattress … there is no “best” manufacturer but only the “best” design, materials, and layering for you and of course the “best” value based on all the many things that may be important to you in a mattress purchase based on your personal value equation. In other words … when it comes to individual preferences … each person may have a different opinion about what is “best” for them … and each may be very different.

Most of the latex that is used in mattresses comes from a few common suppliers (both Talalay and Dunlop) so from this perspective as well … it’s important to compare materials and design and how well each may fit your needs and preferences.

Whether you make a purchase online or locally … the steps would be the same and I believe that local testing is an important part of any mattress purchase whenever possible no matter where you end up making a purchase.

Post #1 here and the information, ideas, and guidelines it links to can help you discover which mattress, along with which manufacturer, or retailer is “best” for you :slight_smile:

If you let me know the city or zip code where you live I’d be happy to let you know about some of the better local options and possibilities I’m aware of (either for a purchase or for testing latex mattresses to use as a guideline or reference point for an online purchase)


Thank you Phoenix for the reply. Im east of Knoxville (37814). I have been looking online at MATTRESSES.NET and any other place that you could recommend? I just want to get the best value for the money. Please let me know the proper steps to achieve this? Thank you very much for the advice.

                                                                         Thanks, Nathan Gilliam

I’ll interject my two cents as a novice with some knowledge:

Blended is is said to be more durable while 100% natural is more expensive

Toppers are for mattresses that aren’t doing their job or not configured properly in my opinion.

Hi nathanbgilliam,

Some of the better options in the Knoxsville area are listed in post #2 here. You have several local factory direct manufacturers near you which is great but of course no matter where you buy or who you work with … the value of a mattress to you always depends on how well it matches your needs and preferences and of course on the quality and value of the materials in it.

As you probably know from the linked post and information in my last post (which listed the online members here) … I think very highly of Ken at and they have great quality/value mattresses. They would be well worth comparing to any mattress you consider locally as one of your options and this way you also have an excellent value reference point for any latex mattress purchase.

I also think that in many cases a mattress that is “right” in the first place is the ideal … especially if the mattress design or the manufacturer offers the options of making changes in the layering if necessary. There are also some very good “sleeping systems” though that are designed to be used as a topper and mattress together (which is a more European design that is becoming more popular in the US) and they can also make a very good choice and have several advantages over a “standard” mattress IMO (the topper can be replaced if necessary without replacing the whole mattress if it wears out faster or if comfort needs change and it can also lengthen the life of the materials in the mattress below it). They can also be used for fine tuning if your mattress is too firm (not too soft). In other cases cases however … I agree with TD-Max that a topper can also be a “second best” solution if the mattress you are using it on was poorly chosen, already has too much lower quality materials in the upper layers (typically low density polyfoam), or the combination together isn’t your ideal design and is only done from necessity rather than a “designed in” option when you purchased the mattress.

Hope this helps