best mattress for arthritis and back pain

I have been researching various mattress options and can’t make a decision. I have no real aches and pains, but my husband has both psoriatic arthritis and degenerative disc disease in his lower back. It it possible to find a single mattress with enough flexibility to manage his aches and pains which move and change in intensity? I was thinking about a Sleep Number bed, but after reading more, and actually inspecting the components of a Sleep Number bed at their store, I am skeptical. The only good thing would be that the support and pressure point relief would be adjustable. My gut says to go with some combination of latex instead, but the more I read the more complicated this becomes. Any thoughts? My husband and I are both average height and weight (5’ 4 135lbs, and 5’10 185 lbs). Since we are in our early 60s, it would be nice to find a bed that can accommodate health changes which may arise in the future. Would be interested in an adjustable base as well. thanks

Hi. I think I can suggest you a good mattress. You need to select a good mattress that do not cause any body problems. I was just checking for a good mattress that can provide a good sleep. My husband was also experiencing back aches from the last few days. I found on the web about the latex mattress Miami and the advantages it provides. I am sure that my husband will have good sleep after choosing this mattress.

Thank you for reaching out with these great questions. Air beds often sound good because of their adjustable nature but in reality they do not offer proper support. Getting both support and pressure relief is accomplished best by using latex foam in at least the top 3" of the bed. If also considering an adjustable base then I would choose to go with an all latex design. The flexible nature of latex makes it the very best choice for an adjustable bed. With our construction you are able to choose your support and comfort layers and if down the road the needs change you only have to change the comfort layer which is a lot better than having to buy a whole new bed. There a many latex mattresses now that offer the layering system so you may be able to find someone in your area with this design. What I recommend based on the info you have provided would be a “Medium” base core with a “Soft” 3" comfort layer. You will get ample support from the core but also pressure relief from the soft top. Even in soft latex it is still supportive and people who visit our showroom are often surprised at how they can feel the support in the small of their back even when laying on a soft configuration. This configuration is called our “Goldilocks” bed and is our most popular combination as I’m sure it is with others offering a similar design.

thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it!

thank you for the suggestion. I will check out the website.