Best mattress pad for Memory Foam mattress

First time poster…:slight_smile:

My husband and I just purchased a Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam mattress on Amazon. It came yesterday…first nights’ sleep was comfortable but not amazing. My question is this:

When I put our traditional mattress pad on the new mattress I realized that it does not stretch and give with the mattress when we laid down on it. It acted like a straightjacket, actually and the mattress is definitely more comfortable with nothing covering it. Is there a recommended style of mattress cover for this type of mattress? Perhaps made of a knitted fabric as opposed to woven?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have for us.

Hi Benemme,

Post #89 here should help with choosing a mattress protector that has the combination of qualities and tradeoffs that are best for you (I’m assuming a protector is what you mean because a mattress pad is thicker and different from a protector and will have a bigger effect on the mattress)

The most popular protectors are the thinner versions with a semi-breathable waterproof membrane that have little effect on the mattress but some of these can create a “drum” effect which can make the mattress feel firmer. a thicker mattress pad will also affect the mattress more than a protector.