Best mattress pad/protector for latex

Thanks to Phoenix’s advice and to reading many other posts on this site we have made our decision on a new latex mattress. We have ordered 100% natural Talalay two layer mattress with a 6" core that is 28 ILD and a 3" topper that is 21 ILD from Arizona Premium Mattress. The mattress has a one-inch wool cover which is 75-25% cotton and bamboo. The mattress will sit on APM’s two-piece wood foundation and on a heavy duty metal frame that I’ve ordered from Amazon—I avoided the cheaper frames which seemed to have about 30% failure rate. I realize that a pretty soft mattress but my wife is little and I have hip bursitis that often keeps me awake.

The question that I have is regarding the best type of mattress pad/protector. I’ve decided on an all wool, all cotton pad to provide maximum breathability and hygiene. I’m considering two models: the relatively thin St. Dormeir and the thicker and, in one case, denser SnugFleece that I can buy from Amazon. The SnugFleece comes in two models, one a 60 oz. per square yard and the other 86 oz. desnity; both have a 1 ¾ pile. There’s quite a difference in price between St. Dormier and the SnugFleece, but having spent this much money, we’ve decided not to skimp.

Does anyone have experience with either of these two brands or have other recommendations.

Thanks to all.

Hi dddot904,

First of all … congratulations on your new mattress. You made a great choice :slight_smile:

I’m like you because I definitely enjoy “soft”.

The St Dormeir and the Snugfleece are really two different types of product even though they share some benefits. The Dormeir is just a protector with densified wool and is thin and stretchy and water resistant. Snugfleece on the other hand is a mattress pad that is primarily meant to add some extra softness to the mattress surface. It is thicker and contains more wool so it will also modify the feel of the latex more than the thinner more stretchy Dormeir. The Dormier is washable while the Snugfleece (with the cotton backing) can only be dry cleaned in case of an accident of some kind (the Snugfleece with the polyester backing can be washed). The Dormeir would also have some extra moisture wicking ability because of the cotton around the wool. Both can function as a mattress protector (they can go right over the mattress and under the sheets) and will protect the mattress from normal moisture, body oils, and smaller “accidents” because wool is water resistant and absorbing but not waterproof, but the Snugfleece would add some localized softness in addition to it’s protective qualities. Whether this was necessary or even desirable would be up to each person and depend on whether you wanted a thicker and softer wool layer over the latex.

Normally the Dormeir would be chosen as a mattress protector and the Snugfleece would be the choice for those who wanted to soften up their mattress surface a bit or wanted a thicker layer of wool to sleep on…


Thanks Phoenix. I now understand that the major differences between the two products are softness and changing the feeling of the mattress. My major concern in addition to protection in buying the pad is eliminating as much heat retention as possible. Can you tell me which of the three pads I’ve so far identified sleeps the coolest and what characteristics I should be looking for in a pad to protect the mattress and keep me from sleeping hot?

Hi daddo6904,

I don’t know from personal experience (I haven’t tried a fleece product vs a compressed wool product covered with cotton) and it would probably depend on other external factors as well but based on my speculation I would think that the Dormier would be a little cooler than either of the Snugfleece products.

Wool can be both insulating and cooling depending on the external conditions where for example a hotter climate would need thinner layers of wool because it has its own insulating qualities besides its ability to regulate moisture, humidity, and temperature and with the Snugfleece you are directly on a thicker layer of wool which will compress more and may be a little more insulating. It would probably also depend on how deeply you were sinking into the mattress (because the foam itself will also be more insulating if you are sinking in deeper) but my guess is that for most people the thinner Dormeir may be a little cooler and the Snugfleece would be a little more “cozy”. I don’t think either would sleep hot though.

I’ve also asked someone who I consider an “expert” in natural fibers (and who knows more about them than I do) so I will post here when he calls me back if his insights indicate anything different.