Best stores near Pittsburgh or online.

Hi Phoenix, My wife and I are getting ready to buy a new mattress and have been looking at latex. Just found this site this yesterday and you seem to know your mattresses. We live in Pittsburgh and was wondering if you can recommend anything local or if we should go online, say sleepez for example. Thanks so much for your help. Glenn

I am 5ā€™11 170
wife is 5ā€™5 130
both side sleepers
Recommendations please?

Hi Glenn1,

The first thing I would always suggest is to make sure you have read the post that is linked in my signature at the end of every post. The steps in this and the information it links to will give you the best odds of finding the best possible mattress for your specific needs and preferences. It also includes a link to the members here that sell online that I recommend (including SleepEz)

The better options and possibilities Iā€™m aware of in the Pittsburgh area are listed in post #2 here

Hope this helps.