Best way to construct a coil spring Mattress??

With the advise of MU we have visited several mattress factory showrooms in our area.

The one thing that I noticed is that the makers are using different constructions designs
when making a coil spring mattress.

Some are using the newer foam encased design and others are advising and using a
larger bed of coil springs wrapped only by the cover fabric on the outside perimeter.

Also, some are advising us that a one-sided mattress is superior to the double sided mattress.

My question is who is using the better design techniques and thusly producing the superior quality mattress?

Hi jodeburg,

Your question is too broad and covers too much ground about too many subjects to provide a meaningful answer but if you have a more specific question about a particular type of construction or manufacturing method then I’d certainly be happy to make some comments about it (such as post #2 here about edge support for innersprings).



I am attempting to choose the right mattress maker to do business with and have some basic questions that would help guide me in the right direction.

Is a mattress with a full bed of coils (steel going to all edges) better than a mattress with a foam surround and thusly less steel coils?

Are there any advantages to a 2-sided mattress, as opposed to the one sides design being offered by many makers today?

Hope this helps! Thanks.

Hi jodebg,

I would tend to avoid trying to define “best” in terms of a single element of the construction of a mattress because it will lead you into the type of overanalysis that is a never ending rabbit hole filled with too many different opinions and variables in the answers and you will be faced the need to learn the knowledge it would take to become a mattress manufacturer to answer all the “it depends” that are part of any question like this. “Best” also depends on the specifics of the application and on the overall details of the construction of the mattress and on the personal and subjective factors that are involved in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). It would be like trying to define the “best” article of clothing by defining which type of seam stitching is best. A more effective approach is to identify any potential weak links in a specific mattress.

Having said that … in general steel edge support constructions are stronger and more durable than foam but if a foam surround is high quality (I would suggest 1.8 lbs and higher) and is well balanced with the rest of the mattress design in terms of firmness and well glued and attached to the spring unit so it doesn’t delaminate or splay out it can also be a suitable and durable choice that can last for the life of the mattress.

Yes … a two sided mattress will last significantly longer than a similar one sided mattress in an apples to apples construction (same build and design except for the extra padding on the other side) as long as you flip it regularly but it also has some limitations in terms of design. There is more about the pros and cons of each in post #3 here.