Best way to go with a mattress?

Hello Friends,

I bought a Sealy Posturpedic and it started sagging within 6 months, now I am looking at mattresses again. What has been the best mattress you have owned for the cost? Would you recommend getting a less expensive mattress and getting a nice pillow top like cover for it?

Thank You
Michael Bevan

Hi MichaelBevan,

I’ve answered this question in my reply to your similar questions in post #2 here along with post #2 here.

It appears to me that you are just randomly posting questions as a reason to include a link to the same retailer in all your posts. I previously removed your links to this retailer in all your past posts and I have done the same with this one. I was hoping you would get the “hint” but I guess you didn’t notice.

I would ask you to read the rules of the forum here and not include promotional links to the same retailer in your posts that are not in the context of the thread.