Best way to order the Ultimate Dreams 13'' mattress


I’m new new here and did allot of research in finding the best mattress for me. I’d like to order the Ultimate Dreams 13’'.

Does anyone know what is the best way to order the mattress? I’d like to get the 5% discount that I’ve read about and maybe a free pillow.

Should I order online from Amazon, call Brooklyn Bedding, or order from a website?

Also how do I get the discount?


Hi Dobbs1101,

If you order one of their Amazon mattresses and have the mattress fulfilled by Dreamfoam (not by Amazon) then you would receive the bonus they offer to the forum members here which is their pillow bonus. The 5% discount applies only to the mattresses on their own Brooklyn Bedding site not to their Amazon mattresses.

If you have the order fulfilled by Amazon it will be a little more and there is no pillow bonus (Amazon is not a member of the site) but you would have more options for delivery and you also have the benefit of the Amazon return policy (although this would have to be returned as a large item requiring truck freight once it is decompressed so returning it would involve some costs that are significantly higher than their return policy for regular items that can be returned through a courier service).

To get the 5% discount that goes with your membership in the forum here for their Brooklyn Bedding mattresses you need to call, email, or use their chat to get the discount information before your purchase. For the pillow bonus that goes with their Amazon mattresses there is no promo code but you would need to let them know on a phone call or email that you are a member here (and again this only applies if Dreamfoam fulfills your Amazon order).


I ordered my King size Ultimate Dreams 13" mattress yesterday after speaking to Chuck. He told me the only way to get the free latex pillow after using Amazon was to email him your Amazon order # and your Mattress Underground Screen name. Also beware that there are two prices on Amazon. One is through Amazon for $967, and the other is through DreamFoam on Amazon for $949. But to get the free pillow, you MUST order the $949 (king size price) through Dream Foam on Amazon. I made this mistake Monday and had to cancel, then re-purchased it again though the Dream Foam on Amazon. He advised me that it was a shipping cost issue which is why you must purchase it that way. I hope I didn’t add any confusion, but just wanted to clarify that for you since I made the mistake two days ago. Hopfully mine will arrive this monday with my pillow included!

Hi Shaun0311,

I should also clarify that they are only allowing the free pillow bonus after the fact on a very temporary exception basis and as I mentioned in the post prior to yours … this is not part of their normal policy which requires that you get their discount code before a purchase and as you mentioned only applies to orders fulfilled through Dreamfoam (not Amazon).


Hmmm, ok. I asked Chuck about getting their discount code to get the pillow because I have seen you post that before, but he told me that all I had to do was to email him my order # and screen name from your website, and no code was needed or given.

Hi Shaun0311,

I’ll have to call them to clarify this then because they emailed me (and I talked with them as well) and asked me to make sure that the members knew to call, email, or use their chat before they order for more info to make things simpler and prevent “after the fact” requests which are more difficult for them to fulfill because it may require separate shipping but that they would have a “grace period” so that nobody ended up being unhappy or missing the bonus with the switch.

NOTE ADDED: the discount code is for Brooklyn Bedding only not the Amazon mattresses and customers need to call, email, or use their chat prior to an order for more info about receiving the discount.


I emailed him last night, and he replied by saying that the discount code only applies to purchasing a bed from their Brooklyn Bedding site. So all you need to do is email him your Amazon order # (through Dream Foam) and screen name from this site to get the free pillow. I verified that mine is on its way with my mattress!

Hi Shaun0311,

I just confirmed that the promo code is just for the Brooklyn bedding site so I’ll correct the information that says otherwise. They prefer their customers to call, email, or use their chat for more info about the 5% discount.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.


I’m going to be ordering the Ultimate Dreams 13" soon. What’s Chuck’s email?

Chuck’s email is [email protected]