Bet Frame Recommendations

I recently purchased a King size bed from Brooklyn Bedding. Between me, my girlfriend and two labradors I wasn’t getting the best sleep on a queen.

I have done a little research online, but haven’t made any conclusions. I’m looking for a standard king size bed frame (and box spring), but don’t want it to be a piece of junk. I don’t need the top of the line and I am somewhat price sensitive, but id rather pay more for quality know its going to last and not bend. Additionally, I definitely need a split box spring.

I’m sure there has been some other discussions regarding this, but I was unable to find any. Can you give me a recommendation as to where and what I should purchase? Greatly appreciated.


Hi bwomp,

I think the foundation thread here should help. It provides some guidelines for different mattresses and has links to a range of foundations in many price ranges.